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  1. Shredder

    Grow Timing

    For me a lot of growing mj is timing. If you want an efficient grow timing is very important. To get another crop ready for flower right after harvest you need to time it out. I tend to take cuttings about a week before their moms go into flower. I stagger the timing of cuttings depending on how...
  2. Kellya86

    Grow Cultivation Q and A

    First of all, thanks @momofthegoons for finally allowing this sort of discussion here... Been a long time coming... It's not always pleasent over on specific grow forums.. we are all respectable here, so this should work very well... Iv spent the last few years tutoring people from here and...
  3. Kellya86

    Grow Mold

    Vaporizer safety is very important... I get a bit ocd about it all... Especially when it comes to my flowers... Mold can be very harmful and should never be inhaled... All my flowers are fresh to start, I dry and cure them completely myself, so I'd like to think I'm a pro at spotting early...

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