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Grow Timing


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For me a lot of growing mj is timing. If you want an efficient grow timing is very important. To get another crop ready for flower right after harvest you need to time it out. I tend to take cuttings about a week before their moms go into flower. I stagger the timing of cuttings depending on how fast they root, with the goal ofkeeping them about the same size for an even canopy in flower for efficent use of the light. That way right after harvest another crop is ready to go into flower. Thats in my garden, other gardens might want less or more time. Same idea with different execution in a perpetual grow.

I grow year round and do not have an air conditioner in my grow area. It helps I live in the north, but I take advantage of the dark and time the lights on period for when it's the coolest out. I also try to time my harvest away from late August to mid sept because of both the heat and the humidity at that time in my area. I advance or delay my plants veg period to time my harvest. I can do that by timing the cuttings, adjusting the lights and nutrients.

For pest control, I spray neem oil weekly until flower. I will see a mite once in a while. Ussually from a cutting someone gave me or on my body or who knows? But a regular program pretty much eliminates problems before they happen. You can't get complacent here, because you really don't want bug killer or anything really on flowers ever, yuk!

I press rosin at two times. Once right after harvest to get fresh yellowish clear looking rosin, and later before a harvest to get darker rosin from more mature buds, and to reduce inventory before a new crop. My patients like both and buy it fairly fast when available. Timing.

After harvest I give my patients the trim. Of course they dig it, but it helps reduce my over all weight, a constant concern right after a harvest. My patients are great tho and work with me on this and I don't mind helping them. But again timing.

I time my harvesting of worm castings to right before a crop goes into flower. The fresh castings puts plants into over drive, lol. And at the perfect time. And a significant side benefit is a fresh worm bed and the castings themselves releases co2. So as my plants are going into flower, the conditions are optimal. Again timing.

If you want a smooth running grow, time it out
While it sounds like I grow at smaller scale since I do not provide for any patients other than myself, I've still got to find a balance between a constrictive plant/weight limit that maximizes my limited space and growing season. Before I have to shut down for winter, I can flower for three cycles, with the last one at my maximum plant count since I can use all of the space for flowering.

I'm growing in a space with minimal climate control, but live in a mild enough climate that indoor growing in my space without AC/Heat is possible 9 months of the year with thoughtful seasonal adjustment of ventilation, lighting schedules, and humidity control. I can veg young seedlings or clones 24/7 starting late winter using just the heat generated by lighting and minimal ventilation to keep the temperature in the low 70's even when the room is in the high 40's. But in the heat of the summer, all lighting goes off during the hottest six hours of the day.

While I don't have to really put a lot of thought into maximizing my yield, I do still have a limited number of chances to get it right and replenish the head stash for the next year, so by the time I get to my third round, I really need to make sure that I have the right set of healthy rooted clones in place to ensure an adequate harvest of my best performing plants.

So yes, my calendar is definitely one of my most important pieces of grow equipment.

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