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grow journal

  1. Madri-Gal

    Grow My SoSo Autogrow

    So I heard about Autogrow, and thought, "I can do that!". I heard they didn't get very big and thought, "Hey, I can grow pitiful undersized plants!" I heard they didn't yield much and thought, "I can get very little bud from a plant!" That was a lot of thinking and I hate to waste that kind...
  2. NizzyJones

    Grow LA Zkittles 2x2 135W LED Deep Water Culture

    Here we are, about seven weeks from seed. These are some L.A. Zkittles from Bred By 42 [L.A. Kush x Zkittles], they were started in solo cup hempy buckets then transferred to ~1 qt. hempy buckets, topped and LSTed, until mid week six when I transferred them to the DWC (largest plant (#1) has...
  3. Ccmc


    Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel bud
  4. Kurtdigglur

    Grow My current and first grow

    I started my grow back on November 28th. I used the 3x3 shower in the basement for my area. I have a Bestva 1000w led, carbon scrubber, 4 inch inlet fan and one small fan that blows above the plants. The plants sprouted on December 5th and kept them in 18/6 light until January 21st. They are now...
  5. arb

    Grow Arbulate

    Mom if it is ok for me to do I would like to start a thread of my current shenanigans. I abhor censorship so say what you want how you want please...........hurt my feelings if you can eh. :nut: So I reckon it all starts with a seed...................but it is better when it starts with a bunch...

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