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Grow My SoSo Autogrow


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So I heard about Autogrow, and thought, "I can do that!". I heard they didn't get very big and thought, "Hey, I can grow pitiful undersized plants!" I heard they didn't yield much and thought, "I can get very little bud from a plant!"
That was a lot of thinking and I hate to waste that kind of brain power, so when I saw I had autoflower seeds in the fridge behind the packets of taco sauce, the grow began!
I'd been pressured to buy the autoflower seeds, so I did the cool Passive Agressive thing, and bought the Cheap Mix Super Pack of Potentially Nonviable Swept Off The Floor So No One Knows What They Are Autoflower Seeds. Not only was it much cheaper than buying something with a name, but I can name them myself! Also, if they don't grow, I can blame it on the crappy seeds! That's a Win-Win right there.
So on April 13, seeds were started.
I finally found my Grow Journal ! Yay! It was behind the couch cushion, so if I lose it again, remind me.
There are actual pictures! Unfortunately, they are stuck in my phone, but as soon as I remember how to liberate them, they will be making a guest appearances, so there's that to look forward to. Stay tuned for Visual Images!
Oh, a squirrel dug up the first seeds, but I was so traumatised that I didn't write down when the replacements were started. Could not find my grow journal, and it was awful.
May 1, the dog dug up my teensy Autos that had been moved to upcycled cloth grocery bags. Saved two.
Put Final Five in water May 3rd, and in pucks May 5, if memory serves.
Now there are 5 in pucks, and two in bags, and I have no idea what happened to the missing three. Dog dug up? Squirell dug up? Forgot to plant? Mislabeled as photo flower and in another tray? Who knows, but I love a mystery, so it's fine. Nothing anyone needs to worry about.
I've been moving the cloth bags around the yard to catch the best sun. They are planted in potting soil with perlite added, and black crumbly stuff from the bottom of Compost Bin #1.
After weeks of gorgeous sunny skies and clear days, it became overcast as soon as I put the seeds out. Now they are under a dome, because this seemed to call for Advanced Gardening Techniques.
Any suggestions for names are welcome. It's OK to wait until they develop personalities, but suggestions are welcome anyway. Early naming means they can grow into their names.
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Wow! A request from a fan! Congratulations, @momofthegoons! You are the First Member of the SoSo Autogrow Fan Leaf Club!
And, by popular request, Auto Photos! Both babies.

Still Life, Seeds in Soil With Dome

Still Life, Cups Of Dirt, No Dome


SoSo Auto In Cups With Cat and Unspeakable Crop and One Dying Bean

SoSo Auto With Proof I Own A Ruler

More Ruler Bragging.

Remember Folks, it's not the size that matters, it's whether not we can get enough bud to keep boredom at bay while I grow The Real Crop so I don't have to spend money at the dispensary and can spend it on my VapCap addiction instead.
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I love me some metric measurements..........nice ruler.
Metrics only the half of it! I thought it would be a nice touch for my International Followers of SoSo Autogrow . There's also English measurements for the English, because I want Everyone to be able to follow along, regardless of nationality.
@arb, I'm so glad you appreciate my tools, as I appreciate yours.
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The ruler is upside down.:twocents:
Love the pictures, cherish them babies, because they grow up so fast...thankfully.:thumbsup:
Well I am from down under, it is great to watch all the progress with the different grows.:thumbsup:
Back in my far, far, younger days, when I was studying linguistics, I heard the theory that people learned to speak to discuss the weather, and it was still one of the most talked about subjects. As disconcerting as it was to think of early man going around saying, "Hot enough for you out there?" and "It's colder than a witches tit in a metal bra", it had the ring of truth to it. We were having gorgeous NorCal Spring weather a week ago, and enjoying days in the 70*s and 80*s and nights in the 60*'s. This lured me into thinking I didn't have to think about the weather, and I started seeds. Because I apparently control the weather in an inverse Super Hero type manner, it became cold and cloudy almost instantly. The temperatures plunged into the 60*'s during the day, and 50*'s at night. It's not exactly parka weather, but it isn't ideal for convincing seeds to decide they want enter the world under such dire conditions. I don't even want to be out when it's that miserable. I'm having to baby the babies, and keep them in the sun under a dome, and bring them in at night so we can all huddle around a space heater and bitterly complain about the betrayal of weather. The promise of Spring was false and untrue. Sensitive people lament. The plants don't say anything, but I like to think they feel protected by my concern and infer I will protect them. That's not a promise I'd make, what with my current bitter feelings about Life and This Blasted Weather and Illusion of Spring, but I will do my best, and they will have to take it. After all, I'm the only chance they've got.
They like you are far tougher than their dainty appearance implies..........
They are quite hardy, but every time they are stressed = a little less final product come harvest time, this happens to me still with the occasional clone wilting early on. The clone will perk back up and look the same as the rest but never quite keeps up with the rest in the budding room.:thumbsup:
@arb, I think we might suspect that they are suspect. Not quite worthy of the respect due photo flowers. I mean, they're kind of puny, aren't they? I'm pretty sure mine will be, but I'm giving them a fair chance to prove me wrong. It's not at all that I don't want them to be awesome, but that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Quick, compact plants able to provide variety and practice, while the photos take their own sweet time. In theory, I could have the autos harvested and well into a cure, while I wander around the yard vaping autoflowers and thinking about checking ripeness on the photos. In theory, I could lose 10 lbs in two weeks on the Cabbage Soup Diet as well, but that sort of thing has nothing to do with the actual life I live.
No, my prediction is one of the two plants will reach 7 ", and there will be one cute bud and two tiny popcorn buds in miniature. The other will do slightly better, and I will get overly ambitious and attempt fancy topiary designed to increase yield, and it won't go well when I sever the stem thus killing the plant. As to the five seeds in cups, they are dead to me. I'm waiting for the resurrection, and praying they will come in glory. It's been three days, or it feels like three days but might only be two, and hope is being replaced with grief and a sad longing for what could have been.
If I get the $30 spent on ten seeds back in the form of vapable weed enough to make me not have painful regret, which would be about $30 worth, or I Learn A Valuable Life Lesson worth approximately $30, I will feel this grow to be Worth The Trouble. If my 5 seeds refuse to live, well I guess that's my punishment for not starting them in paper towels, and quite possibly an indication of how the entire rest of my life will go. It's too soon to tell.
On a more positive note, while at Ye Olde Pot Shoppe to pick up a Strawberry Banana clone, I mentioned we'd been all over the Greater Bay Area and North Bay Area and could not find a Blue Dream clone. That's a slight exaggeration meant to demonstrate the intensity of desire and despair in my quest for Blue Dream. Roughly translated to reality, it means I phoned a bunch of shops, and sent Madri-Guy to another one when he was out of town to find Blue Dream for the Unspeakable Crop. They had Blue Dream! They didn't when I called before leaving the house, but there it was before me in all it's ganja glory. It's mine, mine, mine, mine now, and all I had to do was give them money. And it wasn't even my money! Madri-Guy pitched in because he knows I'm on a No Buy and cannot, and I mean cannot, buy anything. I'm trying to save money.
Maybe my bad luck with the autos are leading to good luck with photos. Who knows? I already saved $43.00 and a $2.00 tip for the bud tender. I like to tip the purdy ones. It makes 'em smile.
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Well I am from down under, it is great to watch all the progress with the different grows.:thumbsup:
No shame @LesPlenty . Someone has to be on the bottom. Otherwise, planet would be top heavy like me.

On a happy note, plant one is to be called Rudy, and plant two is Alice.
Also, M-G pointed out I only put the seeds out on Sunday, and this is Tuesday morning, so it is too soon to worry. I'm not sure it's ever too soon to worry, but as I have Supremo Anti-worry meds at my fingertips, I will medicate and chill. That's today's mantra. Medicate and chill.
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