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Grow My current and first grow


Gardening Grampa
I started my grow back on November 28th. I used the 3x3 shower in the basement for my area. I have a Bestva 1000w led, carbon scrubber, 4 inch inlet fan and one small fan that blows above the plants. The plants sprouted on December 5th and kept them in 18/6 light until January 21st. They are now starting to fatten up the buds and I covered the area pretty well with 4 plants in 3gallon smart pots. I’m completely new to this and learned quite a bit in my little experience this far. Here is a couple of pics of them currently.




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I have been watering every three days with a half tablespoon of Cal-Mag. I feed them fox farm Nutes trio with two regular ph’d waters inbetween feeding. When I first started the nutrients about two weeks from flip I not knowingly fed them way too much. I was giving full strength the bottle suggested. I had to flush my babies and that was a lot of work with four 3 gallon pots. They recovered beautifully, actually think they really loved the flush. Anyone have any advice for me on my next grow? I understand fox farms might be overrated or maybe there’re is a cheaper option just as good or better. I use the general hydroponics solution to test ph. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing how much ph down to use. Still takes quite a bit of time though.
Some shots from the Sea today. She’s looking like she’s picking up some frost. These little rewards each day :cry: I just get so proud of them.


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Yea I was planning on drying in the grow area. The humidity is at 64% without the light on though. Would I need to bring that down?

I would say yes. Where I live we never see RH that high, my last crop dried at 55F / 45% RH and it took almost 2 weeks. I hang my plants with fan leaves and all, so that contributes to the slower drying.

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