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log vape

  1. Ed's TnT

    Make a wish, win a one of a kind WoodScents

    ******Contest has been extended one week. It now ends on Dec. 7th, winner to be announced Dec. 8th.****** Have been thinking its been a while since I did a giveaway/contest. Having so many wonderful blessings this past year and the one before, seeing my family grow and strengthen. The biz is...
  2. Marlon Rando

    Vape EpicVape E-Nano

    I do not see an Epic Vape thread on here, I thought I start one anyway.
  3. Shredder

    Vape Underdog

    I havn't seen an underdog thread here. So here it is. I have two underdogs, well actually three if you count my mini. I like using them but with so many vapes sometimes I get in a rut of using the latest one. But I do seem to come back to my dogs frequently. I keep one on a timer that turns it...
  4. Ed's TnT

    Vape WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Diffuser - Eds TnT

    Hello, many of you know me some may not, I am Ed from Ed's TnT, you may have seen my work in other forms for various popular vaporizers as in wood stems and WPA's. For the longest time I have always wanted to make my own log unit. I have tried and failed in many different ways over the course of...
  5. momofthegoons

    Misc. Log vapes

    When I first started vaping, there were far fewer options out there to choose from than there are now. One of the options that appealed to me most was the log vape. So... what is a log vape? Simply put, it's a vaporizer made out of wood. The plus side of this style of vaporizer is that it...

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