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Vape Underdog


Dogs like me
I havn't seen an underdog thread here. So here it is.

I have two underdogs, well actually three if you count my mini. I like using them but with so many vapes sometimes I get in a rut of using the latest one. But I do seem to come back to my dogs frequently. I keep one on a timer that turns it off from midnight till 8am. Anytime I want it takes me seconds to get a few nice hits off one off my water pipes . Quicker than even my dynavaps, and kinda like how I used my silver surfer, sans the whip. I generally use a Nong, it holds about .05 grams and I can kill it with one long hit and a large pipe.
Love my pup but it is pretty much retired from daily duties these days. I love a log vape as it is always ready for action & being 12V I can take mine camping & run it 24/7 for 10-12 days before my little battery is out of juice. I could easily get a month by using a dimmer & that is a pretty nice solution for off grid vaping if required.
Hello my name is ssvun~yah and im addicted to logs! Love me some underdogs! I've had many a UD in the past, but now I only have one. Chinese Pistache that glows in uv... Everyone loves a log!

Don't have an UD, but also love an log and I do the opposite...I leave my ON all night long as its perfect for up at 2 am and hurting.

Its the only vape I would consider leaving on all night and I have a rather large weight on the electrical cord to ensure it doesn't go anywhere.

To me, while maybe not the hardest hitting, with a GonG they certainly can rip while also being almost perfect for a med patient as they are so versatile on load size and are indeed "on-demand convection"
I must be confused. Some day I would like to buy a UD. It sounds like a good log vape from what I’ve read.

They are pretty nice and a great company to deal with. A lot like an enano, epic is great too, the biggest difference is the power supply and the power cord. To change temps I have a small variable voltage power supply to set the temps and a thin cord to the dog itself.

My favorite way to use it is with a Nong and glass. You can kill a small load with one big hit or a couple smaller hits. I like that I can pop in, hit it, and be on my way in just a couple minutes. No fiddling around if you keep it plugged in. And if you do leave it plugged in its very good on power consumption, I think I read it's like 13 watts.
Mine is an earlier version heater. Have a tattoo power when I want to play with the voltage. But this newer 12v power plug seems to work well enough.

The UD is mostly used for aromatherapy now. 3 copper bowls and some beeswax and and a few drops of essential oil. Lemongrass does enhance things for me. :smile:
Lemongrass is one of my go-to oils too :thumbsup: but definitely not the only thing I'm using her for.
Unbreakable GonG ‘s = CIVILIZED
Wish other company’s would do the same?

If I remember right Underdog was also offering a full Ti TonG for a while. I have broken 2 of 3 UD GonG's but not even come close to busting up a NonG. There is no real way to do it by accident & you could probably drive a car over one without issue. Ed's log vape is also almost indestructible as well using Ti tips but that is a discussion for another thread.

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