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  1. Shredder

    Vape Saionara - SAI

    Anyone use a saionara top air flow atomizer? Also known as a sai. I've heard good things about their bucket system. They use a ti or a quartz bucket to hold and vape concentrates. They also have a impressive line up of other coil choices. I'm new to this but as I understand you need a top air...
  2. MistVape

    Discontinued Imp by MistVape

    Got a new one coming out. My first unit to use the 510 atty system (actually it is a m7x.5 metric thread). It is tiny, 1.5" long x 1" diameter. 14 mm stem, using our standard stem design, perfect for micro dosing 50 - 125 mg. The female joint is made of maple similar to the Essence. Here is the...
  3. momofthegoons

    Vape Wax Maxer by 7th Floor

    I follow ssv_steve_elev8 on IG and saw that he was promoting a new pen that 7th Floor is carrying, the Wax Maxer. He 'made' (which I believe means designed... perhaps @Vitolo would have more information?) the top portion that fits on a box mod (or other 510 thread mod) and had a ceramic well...

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