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rosin press

  1. Baron23

    FS - NewVape Micro-20 Rosin Press with EXTRAS!!

    For sale is my NewVape Micro-20 Rosin Press. Micro-20 originally sold for about $3,500 before shipping $1,250 will take it but it must be purchased face to face as there is no way to box and ship its…it’s that heavy duty. I’ll accept cash, PayPal FF (or you pay the fee), or a cashier’s check...
  2. LesPlenty

    Extraction SLUG 33 Rosin Forge

    Mom note: The first few posts have been moved from the Rosin Tek thread so as not to derail. We will use this thread to discuss the SLUG.33 rosin press. Want a big, cheap adjustable flame? Get one of these...
  3. NewVape

    Extraction NewVape Rosin Presses

    Welcome Asylum Seekers! Here @ NewVape we're passionate about Rosin; we were blasting our wives hair straighteners on day one of this amazing revolution, and as a high-end machine shop it took about a nanosecond before NewVape's owners were dreaming up the finest presses on earth. We started...
  4. Hogni

    Extraction Rosin press - perfect construction and components?

    Hi, how I've told here and on FC currently I'm working with a friend in developing rosin presses for different needs for the european market. From small diy heat controlled plates for personal stash up to large commercial presses with 100t. Im not involved in his buisiness just a consulatant...
  5. N

    Extraction Flashvape Rosin Press

    I really did not want to post other options in this thread considering the current title is D-Nail Rosin Press but I stumbled across this earlier today and thought it looked decent and I consider flashvape to be a quality considerate manufacturer. I posted about my current DIY press in a similar...
  6. Baron23

    Extraction D-Nail Rosin Press

    @herbivore21 , et al - looks like something new from D-nail. Looks rather similar to New Vape Micro 20 (can be found here: https://www.newvape.com/micro-20-rosin-press). The D-nail looks very interesting. They say its a 10 ton press (20K psi) while the NV one says its a 20 ton press (40k psi)...

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