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Rick Simpson Oil
RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is a highly concentrated cannabis oil made by reducing the plant matter in alcohol, which helps concentrate the cannabinoids and essentially makes the oil stronger. It is taken orally or topically for reducing or curing chronic illness. This technique was developed by Rick Simpson who claims it cured his basil cell skin cancer.
  1. momofthegoons

    Meds RSO/FECO - Rick Simpson Oil

    Can Cannabis Cure Illnesses With FECO Or RSO? Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is a miraculous product derived from cannabis that has saved lives. Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a similar product that has cured many illnesses. Rick Simpson, a Canadian engineer was working in a hospital in late...
  2. momofthegoons

    Meds Cannabis Dosing - Oral - Topical - Elixirs

    Dosing Important Dosage Instructions and Treatment Information Stoney Girl Gardens is leading the industry with research and development of strains, proper cannabis oil dosages, treatments and applications. If you are a new user please consult the information below for the most effective...
  3. momofthegoons

    Meds Types of Concentrates

    18 Different Kinds Of Cannabis Concentrates Cannabis concentrates come in many forms. Also referred to as dabs their names vary based on the extraction method used, the type of cannabis used, and the consistency. If you’re new to concentrates, many of the words on packages in the extract...
  4. momofthegoons

    Meds Cannabis and Cancer

    The First Clinical Trial Of Marijuana For Chemotherapy Starts Cannabis For Chemo Takes Off Around The World Posted by christalcann on Friday Dec 23, 2016 The use of medical marijuana continues to grow with time and now, the New South Wales (NSW) government is funding a clinical trial to...
  5. momofthegoons

    Recipe RSO or Cannabis Oil

    So what is RSO? RSO is a cannabis plant extract and technique that was reintroduced to the public by Rick Simpson. A solvent is used to do a quick wash of the dried bud material melting or extracting the essential plant oils into the solvent. The stripped plant material is then discarded...

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