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  1. S

    Misc. Future vaporizers

    To boldly go where no vape has gone before we need new vapes. Let's discuss what future vapes will be like and what features are important. Are desktop vapes done? Are cartitridge vapes the future? Do we want small? Quick? Discrete? Massive clouds? Measured doses? What is the most important...
  2. VapeFully

    Sponsor VapeFully.com - Your Vaporizer Experts

    Vaporization is definitely the best way to consume our favorite herbs ;-) It is tastier, more pleasant, much more economical and, above all, healthier. It is worth taking a closer look at this form of consuming dry herb and concentrates - more and more people are turning traditional consumption...
  3. duff

    Vape Dreamwood Vaporizers

    I love simple and as things go, it couldn't get much simpler than any of Dreamwood's beautiful vapes. I've got a DLX-M, a Hightower Pumch and this Roasty. They are all pretty awesome if you're a butane and wood guy. Heat the glass for 3 or 4 seconds and go. I get about 3 nice hits per load.
  4. Mike-Topbond

    Vape Odin and Torch Vaporizers, topbond

    Hello, VAPORASYLUM members Introduced by my friend to this forum. It looks great here. Well done, VAPORASYLUM Staffs. Hope it is Okay to start a thread for our vapes here. Here is the brief features of Odin and Torch Vapes: Odin: 1, Mix of conduction and convection 2, Anodized alum...
  5. PuffItUp

    Sponsor PuffItUp! The #1 Cause Of VAS

    Hi! I'm Randy, the guy who started PuffItUp 10-ish years ago. When I first introduced myself to this community I was running PIU out of a studio apartment. Orders were packed and shipped on my bed, shelves of vaporizers were stuck anywhere they would fit. A little has changed since then...
  6. CarolKing

    Meds Why Do You Medicate?

    i have used cannabis for 35+ years. I smoked cannabis recreationally for a long time. I was worried that I was developing a smokers cough. Four years ago this past January I stopped smoking cannabis. It was a hard transition at first but with the help of some friends in another forum I was...

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