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  1. 7

    Tips Vaporizer and Freeze Bong combo

    I have been looking for a clean, cool, thick, flavorful, vaporized flower hit for ages now. I have tried a bong with an ice catcher, and connecting it to a Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer with a silicone tube. I find that the ice just masks the hot vapor and you get both cool and hot air. I...
  2. Vitolo

    NEW- Ed's TNT Woodscents Vaporizers

    FOR SALE: I received a generous donation of 5 Brand new Woodscents Vaporizers, with kits. The needs of the patient population at this time, dictates that I let these units go, and use the proceeds to obtain a number of Fury 2 units, to better meet the immediate needs of a larger number of...
  3. Basement Farmer

    Vape Least Favorite Vaporizers

    We all do it.......go on glowing about whatever vaporizer we happen to be enamored with at the moment. Often this is a clinical symptom of VAS.....especially when something shiny and new arrives in a box. But what about those purchases that we come to regret? Shouldn't we talk about those too...
  4. Shredder

    Misc. Future vaporizers

    To boldly go where no vape has gone before we need new vapes. Let's discuss what future vapes will be like and what features are important. Are desktop vapes done? Are cartitridge vapes the future? Do we want small? Quick? Discrete? Massive clouds? Measured doses? What is the most important...
  5. momofthegoons

    Retail Retailer Advertising

    This thread is for Retailers to post their ads and/or discounts for members. I would ask our Retailers to please not spam this thread with multiple ads that are the same. This thread is not a conversation thread for members to post in. It is for Retailer announcements only. Retailer Feedback...
  6. PuffItUp

    PuffItUp! The #1 Cause Of VAS

    Hi! I'm Randy, the guy who started PuffItUp 10-ish years ago. When I first introduced myself to this community I was running PIU out of a studio apartment. Orders were packed and shipped on my bed, shelves of vaporizers were stuck anywhere they would fit. A little has changed since then...
  7. CarolKing

    Meds Why Do You Medicate

    i have used cannabis for 35+ years. I smoked cannabis recreationally for a long time. I was worried that I was developing a smokers cough. Four years ago this past January I stopped smoking cannabis. It was a hard transition at first but with the help of some friends in another forum I was...

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