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Here a new vape by X-Max with interesting features: the Ace


It's a conduction vaporizer with a large temperature range between 100°C to 255°C. It brings an interesting quick unloading/cleaning feature and 18650 replacable battery.


There is a sliding mechanism for the quick unloading feature on the front panel.


Black ceramic & Fast heat up! Boost mode and Zirconia mouthpiece which allows a large airflow:


And here a schematic diagram of the Ace:


Available for 129$ in two colors, woodgrain and carbon fiber.


Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any question and don't hesitate to post your feedback if you got one Ace in your hands. We appreciate good feedbacks although even the bad ones will be well appreciated in order to improve the Ace.

Best regards
Topgreen are sending me a new unit to replace the problematic unit that I won (it was an early version without a serial number)
I quite like the vape and look forward to trying the latest version and reporting back,

The black ceramic coating is wearing off from the moving bowl system.
It is ceramic under that so all good just looks a bit naf.
My new replacement unit has arrived and it is great!
The new unit does not have the black ceramic oven coating so it may have been more than mine that had problems with that.
The new unit also came with a black silicon spider web type cover to help with the unit getting quite hot during BOOST(255c) concentrate mode. The carbon fiber job would be even worse than the leather/wood looking units that I have,

I also swapped out the silicon in the mouthpiece assy on my old unit and realized it retains quite a bit of that ABV smell, much nicer flavour again once swapped out. The old silicon took multiple fresh iso washes to get rid of the smell.
It has been a while since the XMAX ACE was launched, but as the first and only vaporizer with an innovative patented self-cleaning function on the market so far, it is absolutely necessary to bring it back to the public view, and of course, we also would love to hear your thoughts on ACE if you know it or have used it yourself, if not then join me now to re-acquaint yourself with this one-of-a-kind vaporizer!!! :aaaaa:

XMAX ACE Highlights:
Patented Self-Cleaning and Easy-load
Stylish Outlook Zirconia Ceramic Mouthpiece and Black Ceramic Chamber
Full Digital Display
Fast Heat-Up Time
Boost Mode
1OO% Isolated Airflow
1865O Removeable Battery
Dual Cycle Times

Innovative Function
The XMAX ACE is packed full of useful features and the most innovative feature that should be mentioned here first is the patented self-cleaning and easy-load function, Topgreen R&D team has been working from the customer's point of view to create a product that is convenient for customers to use, so it gave birth to this function. A sliding knob on the front of the Ace moves the chamber to go up or down which allows users to push the used herbs out of the vaporization chamber or fill in their herbs super easily by using this unique and creative function.

Stylish Outlook
The XMAX ACE comes in an attractive black carbon /wood grain design with a sturdy brushed stainless steel frame and outer edges, it weights 355g, When you hold our XMAX ACE, before using it you will feel that it is a well-made, high-quality, solidly constructed vaporizer just through the solid feel and classic look it brings.

Sophisticated internal structure and materials
The XMAX ACE is built with a 100% isolated airflow path and a zirconia ceramic mouthpiece which provides a guarantee for the output of pure vapor, what's more, our chamber also used ingenious full black ceramic materials, as we all know that due to the addition of titanium carbide, the temperature resistance, anti-magnetization, anti-oxidation of black ceramic are all higher than the white ceramic.

Easy of Use
Besides the patented self-cleaning function we mentioned above which makes XMAX ACE more easily to clean with, the magnetic mouthpiece also makes the cleaning part even more simple, and the mouthpiece filter is easily removable for cleaning or replacement. More than just cleaning is easy, due to the full digital OLED display which allows you to set your desired temperature anywhere between 100° – 240° C with a Boost Mode of 255℃ (491℉) effortlessly.

1 x Ace Device
1 x USB Cable Charger
4 x Alcohol Wipes
1 x Brush
2 x O-Ring
1 x Wax Cup
4 x Mesh Screens
3 x Cotton Swabs
1 x Gift box
1 x Silicone Cover
1 x User Manual German, English, Spanish, French, Polish

Get to know more on topgreen-tech.com:headbang:

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