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EVO is a desktop vaporizer made by Vapexhale. It features an all glass air path.
  1. T

    Vape What is the best budget vaporizer you have used?

    Hello to you all! I'm new to vaping so I'm looking forward to buying a budget friendly vaporizer or kit, just to get started, so I can learn my way before investing more money into a more expensive device. All of your advice will be welcome, especially if you can recommend a trustable store...
  2. ddave

    Water pipe Recycler or Tornado Vortex Preferred for Desktop Vaporizer?

    Considering a water piece for inclusion in the mod kits. I own a sweet recycler and can get a good deal on them. I can hit it as hard as I can, and never a drop of water up the mouthpiece. Hits are amazingly smooth. But, also have seen and am interested in a Tornado Vortex piece as well. I've...
  3. S

    Misc. Only one vaporizer

    If you could only have one vape, what would you pick? I'd have to go with our mighty. Its a portable that hits like a desktop, and does a respectable job on concentrates.
  4. Baron23

    Vape Ghost MV-1

    Reposting my thoughts and reviews, originally posted to another site, related to my initial experiences with the MV-1. got one early but I'm late to the game in using and posting about it. Crazy week and I don't have much time now. This is pretty much the same post I made over on Bud's site. I...
  5. unklmark68

    Vape Da Buddha-7thfloorvapes

    I love the DBV, amazing flavor , great with a bong! In my opinion, 7thfloorvapesmakes the best desktop whip-style vapes. Here's a pic of my "Slightly Modded" DBV ... Made the pedestal the same angle as the SSV, Red is 3M vinyl, the kind that is used on racecars(My friend works in Nascar, and...
  6. S

    Vape Underdog

    I havn't seen an underdog thread here. So here it is. I have two underdogs, well actually three if you count my mini. I like using them but with so many vapes sometimes I get in a rut of using the latest one. But I do seem to come back to my dogs frequently. I keep one on a timer that turns it...
  7. Vitolo

    Vape Supreme V4

    Ed from Supreme Vaporizers has done it again! The Supreme we all love so much is now a desktop unit! One must write to Ed directly to order one. ( purevapor@yahoo.com ) Some shots from Ed (Supreme):
  8. Baron23

    Vape The NewVape Flower Pot - an overview

    Ok, I have been promising Mom a review of the NewVape (NV) Flower Pot (FP) for….well, months really. Haha Basic Configurations But, there is a lot of different configurations and a lot of history so it has to be more than “yeah, man….I used it and got wrecked” type of review. LOL Let’s...
  9. Vitolo

    Vape The Silver Surfer by 7th Floor LLC (the SSV)

    I will discuss my feelings about this Vaporizer as we move along. Videos will be coming up in just a second... You will notice that the SSV is the very 1st vape listed in my Vaporizers of choice, on my Signature! It is there for a reason... Mine stays on 24/7 and has for many years now! On my...
  10. Linx Vapor

    Vape Updated Linx Gaia

    Hi Vapor Asylum members, Eddie with Linx Vapor here I wanted to touch base with you all and tell you about the newest upgrade of the Linx Gaia. As some of you may know, the original Linx Gaia was our first venture into dry herb vaporizers. It was one of the first All Quartz oven dry herb...
  11. Vitolo

    Vape The Plenty by Storz & Bikel

    Opposite of many units, you let this one heat up to temperature, and vape once the heater auto-clicks off. The heater has a unique way of retaining that heat, so you vape as the temperature slowly lessens, and click it on again when it starts to feel low. The unit can uses a small capsule to...
  12. Baron23

    Vape Volcano

    This is a reprint of my first attempt to review my first vaporizer (well, my first good vape, that is). Just reposting to provide a place for discussion of this great device which has withstood the test of time for the very good reasons that it was well designed and well built. My Volcano Blog...
  13. Aovape

    Vape Aovape Wax Pens - Canva - Dima

    Hi Everyone, Aovape technology here with an exciting new wax pen we’d like to introduce. Canva uses a modernly designed magnetic connection between the atomizer cover and the base. This design allows you to pull out the atomizer cover and add your wax very easily. Inside the top of the...
  14. Sixstringsmash

    Vape VapeXhale Cloud Evo

    This is one of the most popular desktop vaporizers on the market today and for a pretty good. reason. This thing is capable of creating some of the hardest hitting and best tasting vapor you can find out there. The Evo is: -100% convection vapor -all glass vapor path -built for water...
  15. Mike-Topbond

    Vape Odin and Torch Vaporizers, topbond

    Hello, VAPORASYLUM members Introduced by my friend to this forum. It looks great here. Well done, VAPORASYLUM Staffs. Hope it is Okay to start a thread for our vapes here. Here is the brief features of Odin and Torch Vapes: Odin: 1, Mix of conduction and convection 2, Anodized alum...
  16. herbalAire Ltd..

    Vape herbalAire Vaporizers

    Hi Vapor Asylum members!! For those of you in the know about our vaporizer systems we would love for you to post your most elaborate setups and rigs involving the herbalAire Vaporizer here in this thread. To those whom have never heard of us we are: The Most Efficient The Most Powerful The Most...
  17. BD9

    Vape Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer

    Many here already know how much I like my Vaporbrothers VB1 'Hands Free' desktop vape so I wanted to create a thread about this efficient and easy to use vape. The VB1 is an American made desktop vaporizer that is easy to use, seriously, it's damn near idiot proof, and extremely efficient...

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