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EVO is a desktop vaporizer made by Vapexhale. It features an all glass air path.
  1. VaporizerWizard

    Community 420 Vaporizer Sales 2024

    It's that time of year again, along with Black Friday, the 420 sales are generally the cheapest time to pick up new units or accessories. Officially year 9 of tracking these sales, where did the time go? I will be updating the sales list as I find more sales: 4/20 vaporizer sales 2024 Let me...

    Vape XMAX V3 NANO

    At XMax, we're dedicated to perfecting the world of dry herb vaping, and today, we're excited to introduce the XMax V3 NANO. This compact marvel, closely related to our best-selling XMax V3 PRO, brings innovation and convenience in a pocket-friendly design. ✨ Simplicity Meets Excellence: The...
  3. TPV

    Vape TPV The people's vape.

    Hello. For a while I have been experimenting with vaporizing. Tested many type of heaters, found out the ones that are almost ideal for the job. Have build the proof of concept and then honed it to an almost product like design. This is totally my design from the ground up. Check it out, I...

    Vape XMAX STARRY 4

    HAPPY 420 and Get ready to be Amazed by Our Latest Innovation! Attention all vape enthusiasts! XMAX VAPORIZER is proud to announce the release of our newest product, the XMAX STARRY 4, just in time for the 420 celebration! This innovative vaporizer offers a range of features that will enhance...
  5. LesPlenty

    Vape X-MAX V3 Pro

    The new X-max ProV3 is now available and it has a lot going for it, Aussie seller, https://www.vaperchoice.com.au/product/xmax-v3-pro-dry-herb-vape/ Main Features, -Aluminium body -Convection heat technology -On-demand mode (30s hit duration)...easier to use session mode -Session mode(3 or 6...
  6. thehippiepipe

    Vape The Hippie Pipe X - Analog Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Hi everyone, we would like to introduce our newest analog vaporizer, the Hippie Pipe X! Highlights: 30% Bigger Chamber compared to the original Hippie Pipe Rapid heating, No more indicators Superb build quality and features a Premium Design Telescopic Heating Chamber makes caps or any other...
  7. PpN

    Vape Ace by X-Max

    Here a new vape by X-Max with interesting features: the Ace It's a conduction vaporizer with a large temperature range between 100°C to 255°C. It brings an interesting quick unloading/cleaning feature and 18650 replacable battery. There is a sliding mechanism for the quick unloading...
  8. 7

    Tips Vaporizer and Freeze Bong combo

    I have been looking for a clean, cool, thick, flavorful, vaporized flower hit for ages now. I have tried a bong with an ice catcher, and connecting it to a Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer with a silicone tube. I find that the ice just masks the hot vapor and you get both cool and hot air. I...
  9. bulllee

    Vape New DaVinci IQ2 Carbon fiber dry herb vaporizer .

    Anyone happen to see this ? Only 1000 made ! $499 :wink: . https://www.davincivaporizer.com/iq2-carbon-vaporizer?_kx=Q69sFAlYkwTtSosWE9VHNPsm1z3_hYkRjy4CRHdgfag%3D.YrzY8R
  10. bulllee

    Vape The Beam. First Laser vaporizer

    I just saw this in my email. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this yet. It looked cool. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lumenary-to-launch-worlds-first-laser-vaporizer-the-beam-vape-301429558.html https://www.thebeamvape.com/product/the-beam $135 ships in 6 to 8 weeks.
  11. ShayWhiteGrow

    Vape Sublimator - Orion

    So the new Orion head fits perfectly on the Apollo handle. The 2 vids under that are of the Apollo in action. I will try out the Orion head tomorrow. I wanna weigh them to see if the weights are different so I know to go up or down on the heat! Very excited that it fit!
  12. momofthegoons

    Vape Yocan Products

    I was given a Torch by Yocan when they first came out to try. I liked it well enough to buy another and give a few out as gifts. From their info: One thing I've noticed about these atty's is that you can clean them up really well by soaking them in ISO. I haven't had much...
  13. Yocan

    Vape Yocan Vane Dry Herb Vaporizer Unboxing - Demo & How-to by EduVape

    Here is a simple unboxing video of the Yocan Vane Dry Herb Vaporizer made by EduVape. Due to the meticulously controlled dimension and inborn discreetness, the Yocan Vane is a superbly stealth and compact dry herb vaporizer that you can take it anywhere and use at any time. Moreover, the Yocan...
  14. Yocan

    Tips Which feature would you like with your next concentrate vaporizer

    Hi guys, We want to create a new concentrate vaporizer featured a display screen. And we need you guys awesome vape ideas, please comment below. By the way, if you guys want to review this new item for free, please also comment below or DM me.

    Vape Elium Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb and Extracts

    From the manufacturer A Truly Smart Vaporizer The moment you try Elium, you’re experiencing the future. Elium’s patented breakthrough technology ensures full flavor for every serving. With Elium, you’ll taste the difference. Live Resin Elium works great with live resin and other...
  16. ddave

    Water pipe Recycler or Tornado Vortex Preferred for Desktop Vaporizer

    Considering a water piece for inclusion in the mod kits. I own a sweet recycler and can get a good deal on them. I can hit it as hard as I can, and never a drop of water up the mouthpiece. Hits are amazingly smooth. But, also have seen and am interested in a Tornado Vortex piece as well. I've...
  17. Shredder

    Misc. Only one vaporizer

    If you could only have one vape, what would you pick? I'd have to go with our mighty. Its a portable that hits like a desktop, and does a respectable job on concentrates.
  18. Sixstringsmash

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud Evo

    This is one of the most popular desktop vaporizers on the market today and for a pretty good. reason. This thing is capable of creating some of the hardest hitting and best tasting vapor you can find out there. The Evo is: -100% convection vapor -all glass vapor path -built for water...

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