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Vape Adventurer by Focus Vapes


A tutorial ....

Looks like some recent portables in shape and size.

Bottom oven like a Pax (the button that says push, ejects the vapor-
path/bubbler that will snap back into place)


The ejected bubbler.


Take it apart and fill it.. I used it dry


Click it back in place.


Attach mouthpiece


Window shows bubbler water


Digital control to the degree.. gets there fast and vibrates.


There is a light (you can turn on and off) behind the bubbler for effect.
I had a good session, and will write more about the unit later.... this is a simple pictorial review,
about a novel and very effective and flavorful unit with an all glass vaporpath.
I do not like filtration, but the concept is sound.
If the bubbler was removed, the vapor path would not be all glass.
I do not like water, so I used the unit dry, without filling the bubbler....all glass!
I did get an adventurer to a local patient, and the unit, he reports was spill proof.
Personally I do not like the smell if bubbler water, and the flavor is not as intense once vapor is filtered, so I always use my units dry.
(I occasionally do one hit through a bubbler for purpose of video instruction)
After reading some reviews it seems this unit gunks up easily and there are many parts that may be annoying while cleaning. Guess I'll keep looking...probably for a log vape that i can use dry or through a bong/bubbler.
I find you need to run it to max temps to get decent vapor and taste from the Adventurer.
Be sure the bubbler/vaporpath is clicked 100% into position, or cool air is drawn in.
I only used the device with water in it once, but found the vapor to be light... and I had to crank it to the top as you have described.
Without water, I got very decent vapor at 375º.

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