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battery powered vaporizer

Portable vaporizer
A portable vaporizer that is powered by one or more batteries as opposed to butane and flame.
  1. felvapes

    Vape Crafty by Storz and Bickel

    Interesting........ and here's a tour
  2. Shredder

    Vape Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    What? No mighty thread? I've had mine roughly 41 months now. It still works well although the batteries are getting tired. I used it with just herb until the liquid capsules came out. It was a daily driver for a few years but now I just have too many vapes, lol. We use our mighty nightly for...
  3. BD9

    Vape Starry By X Max

    First, check out Randy's shirt! It's fucking awesome he's rockin' Vapor Asylum T-Shirt. The Starry looks like an excellent portable option. I'm having a slight buyers remorse moment as I ordered the Healthy Rips Fury2 yesterday. Below are the video review and the link to the teardown. Our...
  4. Cheesequake

    Vape Healthy Rips Fury 2

    Noticed there wasn't a Fury 2 thread on here so I guess I'll make one. Manufacturer website: https://www.healthyrips.com/ I got one of these yesterday and I absolutely love it. It's super tiny, feels very sturdy, heats up quickly, and produces extremely tasty/dense mostly convection vapor...
  5. little miss deadly

    Vape Pulsar Flow

    Hi Everyone.This was my purchase during recent black friday sales.i went for the wood model. Pulsar Flow details: Convection hybrid design Inbuilt lithium ion battery quartz heating chamber similar magnetic vapor cooling plate design as the firefly quartz heating chamber heat ranges...
  6. Baron23

    Discontinued Ghost MV-1

    Reposting my thoughts and reviews, originally posted to another site, related to my initial experiences with the MV-1. got one early but I'm late to the game in using and posting about it. Crazy week and I don't have much time now. This is pretty much the same post I made over on Bud's site. I...
  7. M

    Vape RBT Milaana

    The Milanna must not go missing from this forum including RBT's latest creations, the Zion and the Splinter. Milanna hits like Mike Tyson,The taste, oh the taste, is the best I've ever had. Its 100% on demand convection heating.It extracts like a table top and the vapor and clouds,both dense &...
  8. 420vapezone

    Vape Firewood 4

    The Firewood 4 is a portable convection vape made of wood. The 4th iteration features a removable 18650 battery, a separate (optional) cooling unit/top cap, and a capsule system for multiple sessions on the go. The heater is on-demand. It senses your draw and turns the heater on. It is still...
  9. Vicki

    Vape Firefly and Firefly 2

    I own the old Firefly, and just broke it out of storage. Getting to know it again. :)
  10. Vitolo

    Vape AirVape

    I have been using the AirVape XS that was donated by @fluffhead after he had it delivered for using his StrainPrint app. The unit is wonderful. I think the oval shape of the oven lends itself to more complete extraction, as the longer walls are in close proximity. The hits are flavorful, and the...
  11. Killick

    Vape FlashVape

    Hi guys, gals and everyone else, To make a long story short I've wound up with a spiffy new FV! My first impression was that this thing is much more solid than I anticipated. I expected shiny plastic, and instead received a pretty darn solid block of metal, kinda like a microphone stuck to the...
  12. Vitolo

    Discontinued Vapir NO2

    I love Vapir Products. They are long lasting and very functional. I own every Vapir Vape made.... and each has it's place, but this was the first portable I owned, in 2010. Pickings were slim back then, only a few portables to select from. I loved my NO2 then and I still do. It is on my...
  13. Vitolo

    Vape Boundless Vapes - CF - CFX - CF - Hybrid - Tera

    I own the CFX. This conduction Portable heats up as fast as any vape I have ever seen!
  14. Mike-Topbond

    Vape Odin and Torch Vaporizers by Topbond

    Hello, VAPORASYLUM members Introduced by my friend to this forum. It looks great here. Well done, VAPORASYLUM Staffs. Hope it is Okay to start a thread for our vapes here. Here is the brief features of Odin and Torch Vapes: Odin: 1, Mix of conduction and convection 2, Anodized alum...
  15. Vitolo

    Discontinued Arizer Solo

    The Solo surely deserves a thread. This little workhorse produces hits as thick as a desktop most of the time and is versatile, with gongs, Wongs, and all the fancy stuff. I love this vaporizer for patients use. It is truly a tool that has a medical feel to it, that does not make the user feel...
  16. Vitolo

    Vape Iolite

    I did a great session a few days ago with one of my Iolites. Different delivery systems always add to the intensity with which your herbs affect you. I love the Iolite, and even when I had a few good portables I would love to take two with me. I would prefill both One for the ride to the post...
  17. Vitolo

    Vape XMax V2 Pro

    I love this unit! It is so user friendly and sturdy.. a perfect on the go unit for patients. The temperature settings are right on. there are 5 settings so naturally I went to the middle (392º) After a couple thick vaporous hits I went down to level two (374º) and finished my session there. The...
  18. Vitolo

    Vape Adventurer by Focus Vapes

    A tutorial .... Looks like some recent portables in shape and size. Bottom oven like a Pax (the button that says push, ejects the vapor- path/bubbler that will snap back into place) The ejected bubbler. Take it apart and fill it.. I used it dry Click it back in place. Attach mouthpiece...
  19. Vivant

    Vape Vivant Alternate

    Hello Vapor Asylum Community, Thank you for allowing us to participate on this forum. Great job with the forum @momofthegoons :) Would like to start the thread for our first product, the Alternate by Vivant. Some key features that differentiate us from other vapes in the similar priced...
  20. CarolKing

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    I recently was gifted a Grasshopper from a fellow vaporizer enthusiast. A very generous fellow. He wasn't interested any longer and wanted it to go to a good home. It looks new. I bought 3 extra batteries, a mouthpiece and a leather case from Hopper Labs. The GH came with 2 batteries so I...

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