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Meds Bud Shots


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I think it has more to do with auto electric trimmers than scammers...both steal trichomes though!


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Some nice coloured huckleberry for this evening..

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That is awesome color. Never have had anything that looked quite like that. In MD's med program, its almost all indoor (well, with some few exceptions) in order to meet safety testing req and the don't seem to get the great color with indoor lighting. Or at least that's how it seems to me.

Really, really pretty.

Now, I'm no expert on this but we do have some companies here that use tumbler or rotating plate type trimmers and yeah, the buds come out looking like they were put into a pencil sharpener. What I see is really much more pointy than @Vitolo buds

Basement Farmer

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Nuggets and Corn Flakes:


Gardening Grampa
Some nugs from one of my auto flowers forgotten cookies. I cut her down at 85 days and I'm sure it was about a week early. I was battling aphids that were picked up from my outdoor plants I grew over the summer. I had to throw a blue dream out in flower because she was infested. I was able to take a Gorilla glue and this Forgotten cookies to the finish line and because of the aphids I learned a few tricks. I washed my whole plants after i cut them with baking soda, lemon juice in warm water for 12 minutes ,swishing around and dunking up and down. It was making some fizzing noises so I knew the bud was getting its clean on. I then placed them in plain cool water to rinse off any lemon juice or baking soda. Waved the excess water off and hung to dry for a couple days before I put them in brown bags. I washed them because I was using a paint brush with neem and dr bronners castile soap to paint the bottom of the leaves where the aphids would be instantly killing them. Now even though I wont have aphids and not using the neem I'm still going to wash the harvest. It's some smooth vapor.


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