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Ed's TnT 3rd Annual MAKE A WISH Fundraiser/Raffle Nov. 1st - 30th., 2019

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Ed's TnT

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#1 MAW Slide Opener.png

Being a part of this great community has been such a blessing to me. I have come to know so many here, made friends and even grown so close I would call alot of you family. I have had immense support with much encouragement from all those here. My love for what I do has been appreciated and enjoyed by so many within this community and elsewhere that I have wanted to give back in some way.

Started this 3 years ago with the thought of how I could give back and how we could as a whole. I have been blessed with 4 healthy amazing sons, having 4 its almost impossible for them to all be happy at the same time but hey that's life and I will take healthy over happy any day. Many children aren't so and have to deal with illness or diseases that can take such a tole on their lives.

#2 MAW Slide Date Info.png

Event will take place Nov. 1st – 30th 2019

What is the prize:
I have been in touch with some great makers in the vapor industry and teamed up with them to make this year the best prize package yet.

Grand Prize: Consists of several offerings from makers below. The grand prize totals more than $2,300 making this one amazing package like none other ever awarded to one person.

● Ed's TnT
● PhattPiggie
● AezhennWood
● FutoDugouts
● FC MeltingPot
● TimberHead Designs
● DynaVap
● Galloway Glass
● VaporAsylum
● lv82all

#3 MAW Slide Makers.png

18 Runnerup Prizes:
● DynaVap 2019 'M' / DV Lanyard / DV & VA Stickers awarded to those drawn from 2nd place to 19th place.

#5 MAW Slide Runnerup.png

Since there are so many amazing artisan pieces offered in this one of a kind grand prize, I will start this contest with an image of only a portion of the grand prize and about every 3-5 days add another until the entire prize is revealed.

Where to enter: The contest will be held here at VaporAsylum and will be open to all members. You must be a member to enter this raffle.

How to enter: This is fund raiser is for the Make A Wish foundation. To enter participants will go to the Make A Wish donations page. Participants may choose to donate to National, Local, or International. The minimum donation amount to enter this contest is $10 and entry and participation for this contest will be based on the honor system. Once payment for the donation has been made, you will see a confirmation page.


Participant should copy and save or take a screen shot of their receipt and black out any personal information before uploading the image here. The transaction ID and date must be clearly visible to validate your donation, or the donation will not be counted. It only takes 1 single entry of $10 or more to register for this contest. However, as an incentive, we will be implementing the following:

Single donation of $10 = 1 raffle entry

Single donation of $50 = 6 raffle entries

Single donation of $100 = 13 raffle entries

Single donation of $150 = 20 raffle entries

Single donation of $200 = 28 raffle entries

You can donate as many times as you like. Donate the first day great, donate again the 2nd week even better, donate one more time day before it ends to give yourself better odds, its all on you. The more you donate the more chances you have to win. Good luck!

Raffle length:
Raffle will run from Nov. 1st to the 30th. and will close at midnight on the 30th.

How is the winner selected: Each donation will be assigned a number in an Excel spreadsheet for example, if a member donates $50, they will get 6 numbers (line entries) assigned to them. The winner will be chosen by a random number draw.

When/where be winner be announced: Winner will be announced and posted here the following day, Dec. 1st. After announcing the winners, I will reach out to that person by private message here at Vapor Asylum, notifying them of their win. The winner will have two weeks to respond and collect their prize. If they do not respond within that two weeks, they forfeit their win and another winner be selected through the same process as above.

It's that simple, donate to help MAW give a wish to a deserving child & put a smile on their face, put a precious memory in the mind of a parent that may be the most priceless gift they may ever receive.

#4 GP MAW Slide.png

Am opening this event with this beautiful Bocote Twisted WoodScents Pkg. Been in talks and planning this with @phattpiggie for almost a year. Everyone knows the work & detail PP puts into his twisted pieces and thought how neat it would be to have him put that same effort into a Twisted WS.
I sent him a blank last year to see if we could do this and then sent a solid body later to make it so. He nailed it with his same attention to detail and fine craftsmanship we have all come to know very well.

Let’s raise some dough for the MAW and in our own way help as much as possible for a chance to win a prize package like no other!

BTW, if anyone would like to grab the images and info above to post up at your SM accounts be it FB, IG, or where ever I would greatly appreciate it.
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Alright! Let's get this show on the road! To get things started, I'd like to post up the first donation from the Asylum. This, of course, does not count towards winning the prize...

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 6.36.55 AM.jpg

I'd like to thank all of the people involved in making this happen..... @Ed's TnT first off... thank you for having this here and all the work that went into getting all the prizes together. And thank you to @phattpiggie , @Dynavap @Aezhenn , @Timberhead , @Melting Pot , Futo Dugouts and Galloway Glass for the beautiful pieces you all made. And, of course, we had to have a special nod to the late lv82all. This wouldn't be possible without all of your contributions. :heart:

So come on folks! Let's make this a year to remember! Get your wallets out and donate to this great cause... and get a chance at winning this incredible prize.
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It's been an absolute pleasure and fanfukintastic to see a group of random strangers pull together and create some stunning objects for a great cause.

Before and after

@Ed's TnT and myself have spoken about a Twisted Woodscents for a while now and I figured if there was enough meat on the blank it was good to go.
He twisted my arm over squid or beef cheeks in Barcelona :rofl:

This is just the first in the Bocote Porn Frenzy so stayed tuned folks.

Lateral out of my box thinking, I blame the top shelf UK concentrates, got the better of me the other day.
We recently lost a member of this great community but before he passed he'd sent Ed and myself some pieces of wood that were destined for the fire.
Lv82all spent the last few months of his life looking at things differently.
He picked up brash and saw things in it.
We were privileged to receive some of the things he made and after a quick 'hey we need to... he' d be made up' conversation we found a way to include him.

He shit the bed when I turned one his pieces for a secret collaboration.
This would be beyond his wildest.

Good luck everyone, I'll get some filing filth up later.
Good morning everyone, all I can say is WOW WOW WOW that and gosh what a great first 24 hours this has been. I am so thankful and impressed by the amount of funds that have already been raised and cant thank you all enough.

@momofthegoons Thanks for all you have done and do for so many as well as the first donation to kick off this event, I appreciate you.

@Timberhead Thank you bro for being part of this from your efforts to your donation to all you have done for me and so many others.

@JackDeaniels Appreciate your participation and support, I wish you luck and hope all is well.

@VGOODIEZ No way I will never be the man, I do try to walk in his footsteps and ask myself #WWPPD :smile: Thanks for the donation my man and all your support over the years.

@almost there Is all worth the work and efforts by all the guys and myself, thanks for being part of this.

@BD9 Big thanks to you for the donation and thanking everyone involved, we are all so thankful to be able to do what you love for all.

@soda Thanks much, we all wish you luck and appreciate the thanks.

See see yall there ya #WWPPD thats the secret to life that all search for. Yes its true @phattpiggie and I have been tossing around the twisted WS idea for a long time so when it all came together I was thrilled. PP is correct we were and many others were so privledged to have gotten several pieces from a great member of the community and most of all get to know him over quite a bit of time. Not nearly enough time but time enough to know he was a great man and had a wonderful heart and soul most true. Was a great idea Phatts had to include him and his work and like PP know he would be grinning ear to ear if here and hope his is in the here after. His pieces also make up some of the GP and will in the coming days reveal those as many many others from all the makers involved. Really dig the videos and pics you will be posting of your work PP, good on you for thinking ahead. See See #WWPD I hope to measure up one day hehe!

@Hugh Jundys My man is so good to see you again and thank you very much for taking part in this event, I wish you luck. I gotta go with cook, RRRR yall know I like to eat.

@felvapes I agree.

@-dab8- There you are brother, thanks for the entry and support, know last year you really did your best with all the entries, good luck on this one and thanks again.

Again everyone I am so appreciative and thankful I could be part of this and have all the support here and at IG and other places I am sure of. Its been very heartwarming and joyous to see all the enthusiasm from so many. I know that what we all are doing will mean so much to those that need it most and thats what its all about, thats what brings me much joy most of all.

Thanks so much you all.
Hello fellow inmates. I have been away for a while, busy with life and making a baby! What these guys are doing is so amazing that it brought me back!! I am honored to participate in such a worthy cause!

Mod Note - Tickets 129 - 141
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If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, or masseuse, which would you choose?

Mod Note: Tickets 47 - 59
The masseuse, on the strength of extremely good / advanced skills!!!

...at the same time, I’d dearly love to be able to eat someone else’s cooking
(I’m good in the kitchen, but just not to have to do it all the time for a while, that would be *cool*

The 5 years of unlimited massage, however, I *NEED* that. All of it.
probably extend my happiness a few hundred percent and my life another 20 years, just by helping me not hurt anymore
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