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Elev8R Giveaway

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Steve Kelnhofer

New Member
Hey there, I am Steve, the owner of what used to be 7th Floor and is now AtomSun. This is the new company that I am 100% owner of and we still build the best vapes on earth right here in Colorado Springs. I had to do this for a number of reasons, but rest assured I am still here. Yes, I am also Elev8 Glass, www.Elev8GlassGallery.com and www.Elev8presents.com , and I am one of the partners of www.Elev8Premier.com along with Matt Z. Glass. My glass crew needed an identity years ago. That later transformed to more than just glass, but a lifestyle and way of life. Elev8 is so powerful to me that I am moving everything to there.

Our logo....

elev8 logo 200x200.jpg

Symbols are
  • sun and moon to represent night and day, Ying and yang, good and evil
  • up arrow to show one must elev8 their life
  • the arrow is also a representation of Pike Peak as we sit right in front of it
  • then if you turn it upside down and in a mirror there is a 7 there for 7th Floor.

So in celebration of our new venture we are going to have a giveaway here at the asylum. We are giving away an Elev8R vaporizer and some Elev8 goodies.....a t-shirt, dab mat and an Elev8 pin.

vapor assylum giveaway-9.jpg


Just post something that has to do with your Elev8 lifestyle and say why it Elev8's you. It could be you on a walk, your favorite rig, your favorite scene, an image...... etc.

One entry per day per member.

Contest ends December 23. 2018

Winner will be chosen by random number draw.

Winner announced December 24, 2018

Good luck everyone!
Congratulations on your new venture @Steve Kelnhofer . And thank you for hosting this giveaway. :biggrin:

This contest is open to all of our members (including staff). Good luck everybody!!!

This is not an entry.... but I get Elev8d giving back to the community. Whether it be with giveaways or just being able to put a smile on someone's face.

So what Elev8's you?
What elev8s me is walking along the shore. The feeling of the sand & water beneath my feet, the feeling of the warm sun on my back & shoulders, a warm ocean breeze & the sound of that breeze fluttering past my ears, the sound of the waves breaking, the squawking seagulls. To me, it literary is heaven on earth. Now add in some herb & the elev8tion is perfection.
What elev8s me is waking up early Sunday morning to the sound of the grandkids running around the house, having forgotten momentarily they stayed the night AND hearing about another VA contest where the winner will be announced on my birthday 12/24 ! Life is good today. Thanks mom and elev8 for this opportunity to elev8 even more.
This is what elev8s me...

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What elev8s me is Summer seaside vaping!:thumbsup:
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Good luck everyone & make sure you get your entries in. Thanks @Steve Kelnhofer & Elev8 for the fantastic prize that will be sure to make someones Christmas day a whole lot better.

I love the feeling when you are one with your car, everything is in sync & it is just effortless. Does not happen often these days but I chuck a sicky at least once a year just to find a clear country road to get myself elev8ted :biggrin:.

Not an entry from me either
I have already won an elev8r from you, so I prefer not to enter again so someone else can win. I love the name Elev8, and for me it's about taking my mind far above worries, doubt, and troubles with the assistance of an awesome natural medicine.
The Elev8r is seriously awesome, and someone is in for a treat and I would love to try the glass filter variety.
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Going 2 days without breaking glass of some sort Elev8s me.:smilie-devil::thumbsup:
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