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Tips Enail Rig Suggestions

I am fortunate to be moving and have a vape space/corner. Want to invest in a erig, and thinking of Flowerpot, since fixated on that. Any other suggestions? I've just started to do concentrates too.


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...get an auber controller, the rdk 300 or 200 depending on budget... then, for flower, grab a new vape showerhead if you already thinking flowerpot (or weedeater if showerhead no longer available)...
... auber: https://www.auberins.com/index.php?...esult&search_in_description=1&keyword=rdk+300

...for concentrates grab a banger and bubble cap from @710 coils ....
... 710coils.com .....
Pretty much the advice I would have given..... although if you don't go auber for your coil, @710 coils has nice ones as well (when they are in stock. I notice he doesn't have many right now). Should you buy both a banger and a coil from Shane, he will fit the banger to the coil for you. Really good customer service.

You might want to skim through the thread on bangers as well.


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the rdk 300 or 200 depending on budget.
I went with the rdk200 solely due to the cable out location.
I would not go with any controller that does not have a rotary dial for temp control, those tiny little arrow keys are BLOODY AWFUL compared.:myday:
My main dab rig for rosin is a DNail SiC Halo as it is so much easier to maintain than quartz or ruby, it is also cheaper on DNail guise anyway.
I love my 710coils axial heater coil with a quartz banger with ruby insert for flavor I just find the SiC Halo easier to live with and it is not that far behind ruby with flavor for me.

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