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Melting Pot

Always room for a good fuck you... as long as it isn't directed at me, another member or the forum.
Signed, Nurse Ratched

That explains it just come here to unload.
Fuck misery
Fuck depression
And a big Fuck you to bad health
& Fuck being disabled
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....thanks for this...always need a fuck u thread...
...today fuck you arthritic knee condition...sometimes it flares up....sometimes not...today it's got a good one going...cannabis to the rescue...


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Fuck you usps!

I have an alternate out for delivery today, i checked the mail and had a letter plus junk mail but NO VAPE...

Edit: Nevermind it showed up later!!.. but not taking that fuck you back tho bc the usps has screwed many of us before!

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Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.

My FU Circle of protection as being demonstrated by Totalbiscuit. Powerfully wards off all forms of superstitious, ignorance and arrogance thrown in your direction.
Best method- Spin in your desk chair and flip you hands up in the air and do a full 360! And fire your FUCK YOU flack cannons into the air.:headbang: Like the CynicalBrit. :headbang:

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