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I did a great session a few days ago with one of my Iolites.
Different delivery systems always add to the intensity with which your herbs affect you.
I love the Iolite, and even when I had a few good portables I would love to take two with me.
I would prefill both
One for the ride to the post office, and then doing errands.....
And I would pull out the second for the trip home, and getting inside of house and settling in.. and both would be dead soldiers, ready for rejuvenation, and ABV relinquishment.
So I redid the Old routine, and loved using my Iolites again so well that this
morning I pulled out the old original model gotten back from the police after a unfortunate run-in, but I did get it back nonetheless.
Anyone remember this puppy?
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Welcome to VaporAsylum, @KidFated.
I am happy you are here, and I remember the Iolite.
It makes me happy as hell that you have maintained it this long, and still care about each tool as when they were new.
That is key to successfuly Vaporizer Ownership, and you.... have worked your units to their potential... that is for sure!
I had the original Wispr, in green.

Not for me to be honest. There were pros and cons but mostly I wanted something smaller and quieter with no Silicone.

I've passed it on now so it still gets used.
One of my favorite vapes is the WispR E
Looks like the WispR but it is silent....
Push button ignition (190°C / 374°F incrementally increasing after 10 mins to 210°C / 410°F then shuts off)
I love that sucker!
BUT I do wipe the outside of the silicone tube with a paper towel dippied in Iso, followed by a dry wipe AND
do this inside with an Iso dipped QTip, followed by the dry side of the QTip, in effort to keep the silicone from becoming tacky (I have used this technique for years... it works well.)
I have 2 iolites currently in my storage drawer. Sadly they get no use anymore

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