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Member Appreciation Contest

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The asylum doors opened five months ago...... and I wanted to show some appreciation for all of the members that have been committed joined and been helping this forum become a great place to be. :biggrin: So……..

It’s time for a giveaway!!! :aaaaa:

And, its an opportunity to feature the amazing work of one of our member’s that I admire. @phattpiggie and I chatted about my idea and he has graciously donated one of his beautiful stems to complete our prize package. And speaking of the prize?

To make this a complete VapCap package, I have supplied a titanium tip and cap and a deluxe Dynakit for your maintenance needs and to keep you vaping in style for a long time.
And don't forget; this beauty can also be used as a stem for the WoodSense.

The Dynakit:


Included in the kit are:

* Triple Torch Lighter
* DynaWax
* Cotton
* Pipe Cleaners - hard bristle
* Degummed Hemp Fiber
* Fat Mouthpiece
* Titanium CCD (3 pack)
* Condenser O-Rings (3 pack)
* High-Temp O-Rings (5 pack)
* DynaMag
* SnapStash
* Small Black Storage Tube
* Small Green Storage Tube
* Purple Storage Tube

But the star of this contest..... behold the phattpiggie stem :yikes: :


So let's get this party started! :biggrin:

This will be a ‘caption the picture’ contest with a twist. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Each member must post a caption for the image posted in the previous post. Then they must post a new image for the next poster to caption.
  • You may enter once daily.
  • If a post has not been made since your last post, and a day has passed, you may make the next entry.
  • All members are welcome to join.
  • The winner will be the member who gets the most accumulative likes.
  • Contest ends September 1, 2017.
  • In the event of a tie, there will be a 'caption off' with a picture provided by staff. After 24 hours, the person with the most likes on that picture wins.

So now that the business end of this has been taken care of, let's have some fun!

Caption this…..


And good luck!!! :enamored:
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When one door opens....well, its open.

Catwoman: I'm not just pussyfooting around this time, Batman!

And I'm providing a caption to my own pic...I know its not in the rules but I had to

"Duh, which way did they go, boss. Duh, which way?"

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You know that two heads are better than one...except when one is drooling on the other's face

If that bird comes one inch closer, its mine....mine, I tell you....MINE!!

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