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Awww yeaaaaaaa
Milk shot, VapeXhale Cloud+ through an original VapeXhale Devastator . . . :smile:

More L8ter . . . :peace:
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Too lazy for a video but here you go....

The power of the Ed's Woodscents!!!
And one of my other favorites testing the Turbulator in the RBT Zion....
Let's get some variety in this thread!!!

One of my first videos i took with my E-Nano!
You can see the NOOBNESS if you look carefully...LMAO!!!

I love how the vapor flows from the GonG on this video!!

Supreme 3
Amazing vape all round!

Supreme 3 with load outside of heat tube = Full Convection!!

RooR Vapor XL
A real flavor machine!
And a few more for variety!

Storz & Bickel Mighty

Sublimator Double Decker!! This is my Custom Digital Sub!

Grasshopper on temp 4 filling a 9" tube!

Herbalizer using my custom made chamber reducer. produces clouds faster and extracts very thoroughly!

And lastly my modified Cloud+! New heater, Auberins digital controller and a new enclosure sometime soon!
Awesome stuff everyone! :thumbsup:

I just wanted to add that this thread is free game (albeit stays on topic), go ahead and feel free to post what ever you want here. If you have questions about others glass, grass and or filming techniques , go ahead and shoot them.

Wasn't even thinking about pictures as well but that's cool too! :rofl:


Ya... never noticed what I was doing with my hand... and ya I cut my finger pretty bad doing the dishes.
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I'd share milkshots but all of my rigs are fully worked? Kinda underwhelming for watching the vapor :rofl:

Remember when half of the vaporizers out there couldn't even produce noticeable clouds - how times have changed :weed:
Here is a vid I did with my Crafty and the VapeXhale Devastator . .. :biggrin:

As you can see I really love this Orbiter. :tongue:

New front end WPA and new batteries and I'm in love with my Hopper all over again!

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