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Lunacy Nerd Culture - Comics & Films & Games & Cosplay & Collectibles & All Things Camp!


I guess I just wasn't made for these times.
Ready and waiting to talk about any of it. :love:

I'll get this started with an "ironic collectible."



A Donald Rumsfeld Action Figure - and it talks!

"I'm working my way over to figuring out how I won't answer that." And many more quotes!

I used to collect Transformers & still have a few I need to add to the collection. It is not a massive one by any means & I need to sort out my storage tubs.

Some OG 84 cons found a Energon delivery system powered by most primitive means.

well i see yr geek and raise you fellas some nerd squared.

In the not too distant past I used to be a coin and banknote dealer. I had a shop, traveled, bought, sold and spent far too much $$ at auctions. I specialised in Australian Pre-decimal copper (pennies and half pennies) and moved into all sorts of collectibles, from banknotes, slightly into stamps, medallions, a limited amount of medals, cigarette cards, virtually anything small, old and collectible within the general field of numismatics

I sold and donated pieces to museums, met all sorts of characters, made some amazing deals, got ripped off, got drunk at auctions and spent thousands, touched history and was lucky enough to own some history as well.

It truly was some of the best fun Id ever had in life and like many things it was something I just fell into.

But of course all good things come to an end, and money makes people do & say shitty things.

So one day, dismayed at the behavior of my fellow man I stopped doing it, the fun was gone for me.
So I shut my shop , sold all my shit and continued to renovate my house.

Ive taught myself two new skillsets since then & consider myself grateful I made any money out of it at all.

Now I am a loose student of Austrian economics, geo politics & the return of gold and silver as real money once again.

But those threads are ones to be made for another day.

What I was doing in a coin shop back then seems so silly and inconsequential now.

Value in regards to collectibles, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love all the collectible and pawn shop shows.
I still love and appreciate the history & stories old things have to tell us.
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I was a comic book collector as a kid. During one of my many moves as a young adult, several boxes of my oldest comics were stolen. In those boxes was my entire early collection, including the entire Hulk series (yes... #1) and all of my Dr. Strange which I'm still mourning. What was left (which includes the entire early Ironman series) has been gifted to my son (the OG Goon) and he has carried on the tradition. X-men were the hot thing when he started collecting and it was fun reading the series with him. But my favorite comic that he started collecting was Groo. Sergio Aragones is a master......
I've been in and out of comics over the years. Stopped collecting for good around 2008 and pretty much liquidated my modest collection. (My wife loves it when I get rid of stuff. :lol:).

But I love the medium, more than movies based on comics. There is something sublime about the McLuhan-esque coolness of how the brain processes sequential storytelling. (Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics does a great job of literally illustrating this.)

Anyway last fall, post-election, I was so fucking numb from news that I needed some escape so I subbed to Marvel Unlimited on my iPad (access to 20,000 titles for 60 bucks a year....a kind of Netflix for comics). Maybe it's not nerdy, but I love being able to read scads of titles without buying each one, and without the stress of accumulating boxes of crap.

Think I've read over a thousand titles in the last five months. Good times. (Now if D.C. would only do an "all you can eat" model on their app I'd be all set.:tongue:)
Bonus points if you can watch the whole thing! :nod:

Some of these methods are downright creative. And hilarious. :lmao:

The ultimate touchstone of nerdistry is back and now airing on Netflix.

With a few changes, of course.
I've only watched episode 1 but it was pretty damned funny. Several of the cast were also on @Midnight last week.....definitely worth a viewing for MST fans.

Gotta find some time to watch the rest of the new episodes. I heard it only gets better...
I've only watched episode 1 but it was pretty damned funny. Several of the cast were also on @Midnight last week.....definitely worth a viewing for MST fans.

Gotta find some time to watch the rest of the new episodes. I heard it only gets better...

I've watched about half the season and been pleasantly surprised at how naturally good it is. The whole project feels effortlessly hilarious. I was nervous about a reboot but Joel and Co. nailed it.

Jerry Seinfeld even shows up. :dog:
I'm not so much of a collector, I try but get tired of shit. Lol

Now as far as geekery, I carry the gene as well.

Comics, sci-fi, and animation are a few of things that I enjoy most.

As far as comics, I'm all DC. I mean don't get me wrong I love hulk and a bunch of Marvel heroes but Superman is a lifetime favorite. And yes, I do like the new 52.

Star wars over star trek all the way. Personally, my favort character is Vader! With bobba fett in second place.

And finally animation. Loved the DCU series. Except JL Dark, it was ok but that's about it. Of course family guy, American dad, the Simpsons, and futurama are high on the list. Wait, I almost forgot Archer. Such a fucking legend.
Hopefully anime belongs here!

Came across a new show the other day I wanted to share. It's a Chinese production called The King's Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou); really digging it! I don't know how many episodes are out officially translated (subtitles) but at least the first few are and are free to watch on Youtube.

It's about a pro gamer who becomes too old to be marketable as the captain for his team, so they fire him and give the character he's spent 10 years building to a younger "cooler" team captain. Now he has to figure out what to do with his life after spending the last decade gaming every free hour for his pro team. It''s lot more interesting than I'm making it sound! :yawn::tongue:

It's really neat seeing the difference in how the Chinese approach animation and the music they use. Also when you're used to listening to Japanese anime it's cool hearing a new language and how they convey different emotions.

And while I'm on the subject of anime.. Check out my other two recent favourites!

One Punch Man. The story of the strongest hero who fights evil for fun and to hold back the crushing depression of being too powerful to ever face a real challenge.

Another story written by the same artist/author One.. Mob Psycho 100. About a young man with unprecedented psychic powers in a world of psychics (esper) and spirits who struggles to cope with who he is and what he's capable of.

One Punch Man is on Netflix and can be found Here (ads I think tho. Oh subtitles only! Might be a problem for some people I just realized.. sorry if you struggle with quick reading!)

Mob Psycho 100 is on Crunchyroll.com and Here

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