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Misc. New ways to use vapes

Diggy Smalls

Well-Known Member
This thread is for the strange ways we use our vapes. Some people are content to use their vaporizers the way the manufacturers intended, and other people like me are always thinking What If?

To start it off, I am using the InstaHeat cartridge as the heat source for an Elev8r bowl. No adapter, just place it straight down. 55W Little airy at first, then it gets pretty thick. No charring. Does need a little stirring. The IHeat really shines like this. Wow.

Anyway, there has to be others out there that are making frankenvapes or just thinking of new ways to use the parts we all have laying around in new ways. I will take a photo, but it's time to make dinner. Fried chicken breast and asparagus.
I am using a piece of dental equipment to heat my Vapcaps;

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