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  1. S

    Vape Best tasting vape

    I think it might be my first vape, a volcano. My dnail sic halo comes close and may surpass the cano, but after all these years I'm surprised. Of course this is subjective, so there is no wrong answer. What is your best tasting vape?
  2. S

    Community Vape break

    I haven't used my herb vapes since last Thursday, it's Tuesday today. I had running and inflamed sinuses no doubt brought on by the rapidly changing humidity lately where I live. We went from -20F to +45F in a few days. Because I was so stuffed up, and because vaping made it worse I stopped...
  3. Diggy Smalls

    Misc. New ways to use vapes

    This thread is for the strange ways we use our vapes. Some people are content to use their vaporizers the way the manufacturers intended, and other people like me are always thinking What If? To start it off, I am using the InstaHeat cartridge as the heat source for an Elev8r bowl. No adapter...
  4. Vitolo

    Splinter Z with Lost Vape Paranormal Box

    Splinter Z with a Lost Vape Paranormal Box; The complete deal is $210 Sold
  5. I'm Ron Burgundy?

    Vape Life Saber Vaporizer

    The LSV by 7th Floor Vapes All Glass Vapor Path Glass-On-Glass design offers pure, great tasting flavor Easy to pull apart and attach to a variety of accessories Simple and convenient cleaning and maintenance Ceramic Heating Element Long lasting, tested 10+ year life span Extremely fast...
  6. LesPlenty

    Vape Healhy Rips Fierce

    Any one here jump on the Healthy Rips Pre Order sale. I am finding it hard to resist. https://www.healthyrips.com/store/p50/FIERCE_Limited_Edition_Deluxe_Bundle_(Preorder).html And a really nice person made this comparison chart;

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