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  1. digital 510 battery1.jpg

    digital 510 battery1.jpg

    AIRWII Digital 510 battery
  2. TPV

    Vape TPV The people's vape.

    Hello. For a while I have been experimenting with vaporizing. Tested many type of heaters, found out the ones that are almost ideal for the job. Have build the proof of concept and then honed it to an almost product like design. This is totally my design from the ground up. Check it out, I...
  3. momofthegoons

    Vape Arizer Air SE

    Looks like there's something new from Arizer.... you going to carry this @420edc ? https://arizer.com/air-se/ Custom Session Settings The Air SE has a simple operating system with a large adjustment button and easy to read LED icons. Choose from 5 preset temperatures to extract tasty vapor...
  4. 420Volski

    Vape Vector by Volski

    Vector is our vision, our invention for pleasant vaping. A simple solution with a new perspective of a fancied process. At it's heart lies the japanese principal - all that is perfect is hidden within. This principle reflects in Vector's simple appearance, composed with titanium infused...
  5. T

    Tips What Are You Vaping

    Just wondering what strains vape best The lemon haze vapes wonderfully The cornbread is meh Want to buy the best vaping flower since I do not combust at all There are big differences in vapor cloud and taste that I am just learning about Which is why I'm considering coils Sometimes I need to...
  6. im not a robot

    Tips portable easy to use ON DEMAND vape that is all around wonderful

    ok i posted a similar query on fc, but would love to get feedback from you guys as well, as i am going back & forth between the different options i am seeing. i have been on a financial rollercoaster lately (climbing atm thanks universe), and sold my only remaining portable - a tinymight - when...
  7. Stevenski

    Vape Whats the most disappointing vape you own

    I think my Sticky Brick has to be my most disappointing vape purchase. Now it may be me but I can't seem to get it right & have given up. Not necessarily the worst vape but even typing this makes me feel flat. So hit & miss. What a waste of money compared to my budget Elev8r. What's everyone...
  8. Shredder

    Vape Best tasting vape

    I think it might be my first vape, a volcano. My dnail sic halo comes close and may surpass the cano, but after all these years I'm surprised. Of course this is subjective, so there is no wrong answer. What is your best tasting vape?
  9. Shredder

    Community Vape break

    I haven't used my herb vapes since last Thursday, it's Tuesday today. I had running and inflamed sinuses no doubt brought on by the rapidly changing humidity lately where I live. We went from -20F to +45F in a few days. Because I was so stuffed up, and because vaping made it worse I stopped...
  10. Diggy Smalls

    Misc. New ways to use vapes

    This thread is for the strange ways we use our vapes. Some people are content to use their vaporizers the way the manufacturers intended, and other people like me are always thinking What If? To start it off, I am using the InstaHeat cartridge as the heat source for an Elev8r bowl. No adapter...
  11. Vitolo

    Splinter Z with Lost Vape Paranormal Box

    Splinter Z with a Lost Vape Paranormal Box; The complete deal is $210 Sold
  12. LesPlenty

    Discontinued Healhy Rips Fierce

    Any one here jump on the Healthy Rips Pre Order sale. I am finding it hard to resist. https://www.healthyrips.com/store/p50/FIERCE_Limited_Edition_Deluxe_Bundle_(Preorder).html And a really nice person made this comparison chart;

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