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Vape Piro by Lamart


Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.
Piro by Lamart
Pictured below is 2 Poplar wood Piros. The most inexpensive type and most basic. Lamart had many types of wood to choose from. If that tickles you. :naughty2:
Thanks again @mom . :biggrin: I posted this thread and started playing with it right away. :love:

Very robust. Large heat profile to work with just a single torch alone. 18mm friendly. Lightweight. I got the least fanciest of wood which is probably the lightest and ding friendly. Glass is protected. I did combust a few times pushing my luck with my learning curve. I use my dynavap skills and also hold the torch so that incoming air HAS to pass through the flame when you take a draw. But still honing my skills for some outdoor adventures.
Already had EQ and G basket screens prior, So It went through my gauntlet of glass and I actually got an ELB to work with it. :science:
Still trying to hone my heating method. I try to hold or wiggle the torch so air HAS to pass through the flame when I draw.
The Piro seems designed for a single torch with a thin long flame. :torching:
My triple torches causes near instant extraction but puts me in the danger zone. I've been combusting and trying to find the best flame to vapor ratio without pushing my luck and not wasting butane.
The triple triangle torch seems to cover the area over the input hole for me to heat up the incoming air.
Most of my lighters are Vertigo, Which can be finnicky when the elements get hot.

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