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butane vape

Portable vaporizer
A vaporizer that is powered by butane and flame; rather than batteries.
  1. bulllee

    Vape Vestratto Anvil

    Vestratto Anvil. Looks cool. Made in America, it looks like it could give Dynavap a run for it's money . https://theweedtube.com/video/anvil-copper-core-vaporizer-by-vestratto-117823...
  2. Cuckfumbustion

    Vape Piro by Lamart

    Piro by Lamart Pictured below is 2 Poplar wood Piros. The most inexpensive type and most basic. Lamart had many types of wood to choose from. If that tickles you. :naughty2:
  3. Basement Farmer

    Vape Vapor Genie Vaporizer

    I know that they seldom get love as most of us have moved on to more sophisticated ways of ingesting terpenes and THC, but credit must be given to this 'beginner' vaporizer. Don'tya think? All of these get busted out occasionally & pretty sure that aluminum bat one will be my apocalypse...
  4. Ed's TnT

    Vape PipeScents Portable Convection Vaporizer - Eds TnT

    Like anything else I do it started off going one direction and can quickly veer off course and into something I hadn’t even considered. So, after an attempt at a Lotus stem body and some modifications by an innovative tester and a few betas down the line I am happy to be able to offer the...
  5. duff

    Vape Dreamwood Vaporizers

    I love simple and as things go, it couldn't get much simpler than any of Dreamwood's beautiful vapes. I've got a DLX-M, a Hightower Pumch and this Roasty. They are all pretty awesome if you're a butane and wood guy. Heat the glass for 3 or 4 seconds and go. I get about 3 nice hits per load.
  6. Stevenski

    Accessories DIY Butane vapes

    Living so far from the US can make it difficult to get replacement parts for vaporisers or much more expensive than it should be. This is one reason why I tend to go for almost unbreakable vapes but over time I have accumulated a lot of assorted glass adapters, J hooks & the like. So I decided...
  7. SlowDrawMcGraw

    Vape The Flip Brick by Sticky Brick Labs

    Hey everyone, decided to make a thread for the Flip Brick, Our smallest, and lowest priced device yet is a direct WPA for all of your water, or j-hook needs. Available in walnut, cherry, and rock maple. The Flip Brick sits upright to store or load, then flips to attach to your glass. The...
  8. Vitolo

    Vape Supreme V 3

    I was always a fan of the Supreme. Hardest hitting vaporizer I know of. I had S1, S2, and now S3 The wood was never an intrical part of the Supreme. The herb went beyond the wood into the tube. The wood acted as: 1. A funnel for the herb 2. as a finger protector from the heat. It is a...
  9. MistVape

    Discontinued MistVape Essence

    Been working on a butane vape, hope to release it soon. Here are some pics of the Essence. It is about 6" long and 7/8" diameter. The stem is a 14 mm glass piece, off to side for size comparison. The top and bottom caps come off to expose the mouthpiece and air inlet. There is a maple insert...
  10. SlowDrawMcGraw

    Vape The Sticky Brick

    Hey Everyone, Sticky Brick Labs here, to start a thread so we can have communicaton on our specific units. First and foremost, we are glad to be apart of this forum. Its exciting to have a place to share information about our products and a place for Past, Present, and future Sticky Brick...

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