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Water pipe Quiver Fabrications

Discussion in 'Glass' started by BD9, May 17, 2019.

  1. BD9

    BD9 Leaf Dawg

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    Dank Meadows
    This looks really cool to me. It's a Titanium bubbler. It would perfect for those that have a habit of breaking glass.


    The first ever full Titanium water pipe. Adventure ready and quite the ripper, our flagship product was created with function at the forefront of our design hierarchy. Above all else, The Summit needed to stand tall amongst any other piece by providing a smooth, clean, flavorful hit. This is why we chose the classic flask design (commonly referred to as a beaker). Our fixed downstem has offset drilled holes at the bottom for simple filtration. And with a smooth interior there are zero places for smoke to eddy out and become stale; The Summit clears perfectly every time.

    Standard 14mm Female Taper Joint

    Lifetime warranty on The Summit (no questions replacement for original owner). Yes.... even if you accidentally run it over ;)

    Comes with:

    -Merapi Flower Bowl

    -Black Utility Ring & Black Heat Band

    Other products from Quiver Fabrications; https://quiverfabrications.com/collections/all


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  2. LesPlenty

    LesPlenty Well-Known Member

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