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How to vape?​

There are two ways to inhale vape: mouth-to-lung inhalation MTL and direct lung inhalation DTL.

Mouth-to-lung inhalation MTL​

The easiest way to start vaping for the first time is that you can imitate the action of inhaling from a cigarette. Make sure the device is ready before inhaling. The process is to inhale the steam into your mouth and then inhale it from your mouth to your lungs. This inhalation method is suitable for small vape products. When inhaling, the oral muscles first generate suction. When the steam is inhaled in the mouth, the transition time is about 1-2 seconds before entering the lungs. Thus avoiding minimal coughing. In fact, this inhalation technique mimics the motion of smoking a traditional cigarette. Its characteristic is that the steam has a transition in the mouth and then enters the lungs.

Direct inhalation of DTL into the lungs​

First, check the equipment and prepare it for inhalation. Use your lips to contact the mouth cap of the atomizer to form a short closed space (you need to pay attention to prevent air leakage when inhaling). Just like breathing air, use the suction of your lungs to gently and slowly inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. The whole process is a state of enjoyment! It is forbidden to inhale steam quickly, forcefully, or in a short period of time! Easy to cause damage to the lungs.
Characteristics of the above two methods: When inhaling from the mouth to the lungs, the suction and closed space are formed in the mouth. The oral cavity forms a buffering transit function! Subconsciously, the body feels safer. When inhaled directly into the lungs, the suction and closed space are the lungs + mouth. It has no buffer space to directly contact the lungs, so we need to inhale the steam slowly and gently to prevent coughing. Enjoy it like breathing air.

How to exhale steam​

Any form of vape will exhale vapor in two ways, including nicotine vape, CBD vaporizers, etc.
The first way: exhale the steam through your nose. You just need to hold your mouth tightly while exhaling the steam.
Second way: Exhale the steam from your mouth. You just need to close your nose tightly.
In fact, the human mouth and nose are connected and can flexibly meet your needs. I believe the above method is quite easy for you.


1. Read the instruction manual: Read the instruction manual of the vape carefully to understand the basic operation and maintenance methods of the device. 2. Make sure the vape remains fully charged. 3. When filling e-liquid, wax, and other materials, you need to follow the tools provided with the device to avoid oil leakage or oil spillage. 4. Inhale correctly: Inhale gently into the mouth, making sure to master the mouth-to-lung or mouth-to-mouth technique. 5. When using the vaporizer for the first time, adjust the voltage to the minimum value, and slowly increase the value to your preferred position.
When you first vape, the way you inhale matters! If you inhale incorrectly, it may result in a cough or an unpleasant experience, if you are unsure of the optimal draw power of your vape, or if your device does not have adjustable voltage to make the vapor volume and flavor better suit you. We recommend the Yocan brand as your best choice for buying a vaporizer.

Reasons to use vape​

Obviously, vaping has become the best choice for adults to quit smoking. Vape were originally invented to reduce dependence on cigarettes. Due to its odorless properties, it is popular in public places, offices, etc. In terms of health, vaping is still defined as a product with health concerns. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But it is a great alternative for people who need to quit smoking. Vapes are products that are thought to reduce the harm you do when you choose to smoke. And when it comes to saving you more money, it’s 70% cheaper than smoking.

The medical application of CBD vape​

CBD is one of several cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant that does not produce psychoactive effects. On the contrary, in the medical field, CBD is considered to be helpful in treating a variety of diseases and symptoms, such as anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, cardiovascular protective, anti-tumor, etc. CBD vape quickly delivers CBD into the body through atomization and inhalation.

Which vape brand should I try?​

It’s important to find an established and high-quality vape brand to ensure you have a high-quality experience. You can also get more news at vape forums or offline exhibitions. It’s best to experience a few different types of products to compare. Yocan vaporizer products are recommended here. Well-known brands in the e-cigarette industry have more than 10 years of industry experience. Can provide you with better pre-sales and after-sales services.

Yocan Kodo Animal Series: Innovative vape full of wildness​

The Yocan Kodo Animal Series box mod collection stands out for its bold and original design concept. Each piece of equipment in the collection pays homage to the animal kingdom, with patterns and textures that echo the spirit of the wild. Design is not just about beauty; It’s a celebration of the wild beauty of nature, designed to resonate with the wildness within the user. The ergonomic shape not only looks impressive but also ensures a comfortable hold, making the smoking experience both visually and tactilely satisfying.
Yocan Kodo Animal Series banner
Yocan Kodo Animal Series banner

Core Strengths of the Yocan Kodo Animal Collection​

Large capacity is at the heart of the Yocan Kodo Animal Series range. Equipped with high-quality heating elements and a long-lasting 900mAh high-capacity battery. The Yocan Kodo Animal vape mod is designed to deliver powerful performance. The range offers three adjustable power settings to suit different vaping preferences, from mild vapor to thick clouds that mimic rainforest mist. This powerful and portable functionality is packed into a compact form factor, making the entire trip more convenient.

Wild user experience​

The Yocan Kodo Animal vape batteries Collection is designed with the user in mind. 10-second warm-up function to maintain “combat” status at any time. To ensure excellent performance, the device provides a 15-second work protection function. The lanyard hole on the fuselage makes it more convenient to carry. The Yocan Kodo Animal vape battery provides a seamless experience from the first puff to the last with consistent output to immerse you in your vaping journey.

Wild as an animal​

Just like in the forest, the Kodo Animal series vape battery is like a swarm of running and roaring animals. There are 11 animals in the Yocan Kodo animal series, namely: elephant, tiger, wolf, lion, gorilla, crocodile, cat, dragon, snake, dog, and shark. Each animal in the Yocan device has a vivid shell to fit everyone’s different smoking styles and preferences. Whether you like lions, kings of the jungle, or dragons from ancient mythology, you’ll find “it.” The Yocan Kodo Animal has something for everyone.
KODO Animal Series ten animal attributes

Yocan Kodo animal series equipment summary​

With the continuous innovation of Yocan manufacturers, more and more novel devices are on the way. The following is a summary of the features and functions of the Yocan Kodo animal series: 1. 3 Voltage Levels (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V). 2. 10 Sec Preheat function. 3. 15s Safety Cut Off. 4. 900mAh large battery. 5. 510 Thread.6, 11 animal attribute designs. 7. Palm size, easy to carry.

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