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Vape Supreme V 3


I was always a fan of the Supreme.
Hardest hitting vaporizer I know of.
I had S1, S2, and now S3
The wood was never an intrical part of the Supreme. The herb went beyond the wood into the tube.
The wood acted as:
1. A funnel for the herb
2. as a finger protector from the heat.

It is a great unit.
Here are my 2 vids from years ago...

And a couple of other "scenes"

The above were Supreme 1 and the rest were all Supreme 2.

First off.... I have been in regular touch with Ed.
Secondly, today I will share some information that will be great news to all Supreme Fans.
The Supreme 3 Vaporizer is ready!
.....and now some pictures:








The PUBLIC price for the Supreme 3 is higher, but mention that you saw this in this forum, and get a good discount!

Members can request a vaporizer package (same package as above) by contacting Ed via email (purevapor@yahoo.com).
He will then email them a Paypal invoice.
You can't be the only one having S3 fun bro!!
And your videos cannot be viewed for some reason...

So for now...

Lower temp

Using a WT i no longer own... Gave it to a friend!

And this is a FULL convection hit using my adapter from a Vapocane. The herb is external to the S3!
@lazylathe @momofthegoons Better ? :smile:

Lazy, what ever happened to the double decker convection mod video you promised ? :cry:

Here are some "oldies but goodies"

From here on out they're just gonna keep on getting "milkier"

Low tempin' w/ the Dually

No bubbler here. Just straight from a Vapolution 2.0 9mm large glass stem.

Concentrate sandwich w/ rosin...

...and the rosin chips. This vape can handle almost anything you throw at it. I've even successfully vaped loads as small as .005 w/ ease.

@lazylathe Speaking of the convection mod, I was never a huge fan of the vapor flowing over the silicone, so now when I use this mod, I use the stock stem w/o the 14mm & 18mm seals & have it hanging just below where the silicone stops. Diggin' it.

Hey @BD9. Glad to see your alive & kickin'. Hope the LSV is treating you right!

Oh shit, I almost forgot my favorite video!

Yes, I like to have a good time. :nut: And yes, I cackle like a Hyena when I'm doin' it. :rofl:

:razz2: :headbang: :smoke: :weed:

Let's do that with the S4 when it arrives! By that time i hope to have some concentrate on hand as well!!!
I only have flower on hand at the moment...! It's just the house we are renting has crappy light and light walls... Not easy to capture good milk shots or exhales yet...
That is the reason for no videos lately... Need to black out the wall in front of the vapes!

Awesome videos bro! Love the insanity of the SH and S3!!!
You da man!

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