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Glass The Glass You Use

Basement Farmer

Active Member
Good to know. I kinda like the idea of the aluminum stem with the spiral walnut head/intake/bowl.

I kinda with that they made a stainless steel version of the stem, like they do with the bat.

That bronze sherlock looks nice...but a big jump in price.
Tonight's menu....Snickelfritz Kief served on a bed of shredded Snickelfritz inside the Aluminum Genie


I have too much glass according via wifely tell’s me?
I was checking out your piece in plastic or ?
How do you like it?
It's not glass, so she should be cool with it.

It's heat resistant silicone...like they use for baking muffins...now you can bake your mind instead.

It checks out so for both dry herb and crumble dumped into that Ti nail.

Perhaps my only gripe so far is that it is on the large size....but I guess that's so yo can stow your kit inside (the lid pops)...smelled a little off right out of the bag but gave it a good wash and the flavor was spot on.

As ridiculously over the top as this thing is, I'm warming up to it.

Ironically huge and loud and they send ut with this petite nail. Almost worth the price alone.....seasoned and ready to go. Just need to find a mini carb cap that will fit.



Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member
Seems like time for a silicone thread. I love the stuff. Started a thread, but it's in accesories and paraphernalia and maybe it should be under bongs?
Yes.... except you are also referencing your Blazy Susan... and a few other silicone products. If we keep the discussion on that post to bongs, rigs, etc., it could go under the Glass & Water Pipes forum category. And you could start a separate thread for the Blazy Susan and other silicone accessories.

I'll move your post over now...

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