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Discontinued The Grasshopper

Vapes no longer in production


Always in search of the perfect vaporizer
I recently was gifted a Grasshopper from a fellow vaporizer enthusiast. A very generous fellow. He wasn't interested any longer and wanted it to go to a good home. It looks new. I bought 3 extra batteries, a mouthpiece and a leather case from Hopper Labs. The GH came with 2 batteries so I should be set. It feels very well made and seems easy enough to use. Pretty straight forward and not a lot of little pieces to lose.

It toasts the cannabis evenly and doesn't need to be stirred.

I'm hoping that this unit will hold up. Some folks have had problems so I'm hoping that I have a good one, not one with flaws. You can't beat a gift. I hear I can contact the company and pay for a change of ownership for $45. I plan on doing that this week. They currently have a lifetime warranty so it would be in my best interest to change ownership.

Here's a pic. A nice color.

The manual is hard to see but the picture shows the parts.
Here's the link for the manual
Grasshopper Manual | Grasshopper


The Grasshopper is a revolutionary vaporizer, built and designed by a small group of engineers. It was our passion to bring the best technology available to the vaporizer market and that is exactly what we have done.

Contact Us
Email: support@grasshoppervape.com
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Had mine for a year now.

I really like it, key points:

  • User replaceable batteries
  • Ultimate stealth
  • Heavy hitter
  • Small and portable
  • Quick heat up (5-8 seconds, yeh really!)
  • One of the easier vapes to clean (will post more on that in a later post)
  • Adjustable temp (not digital)
  • Lifetime warrant (of the device)
  • Warranty can be transferred for a reasonable fee
  • Fits a 14mm GonG fairly well natively but you can get an adapter if you want a perfect fit
  • Will blow your mind if used through water (I love using mine through an MFLB Orbiter)
  • Fairly good Customer Service with 1-2 week RMA turnaround
  • Not crazy expensive (Stainless Steel model is $200)
  • The heater is only 1" from your face so expect high heat on max temp
  • Fairly new to market, still working some kinks out (been a number of user having to RMA)
  • Batteries are only 750mAh so get some spares (recommend at least 3)
  • Heater cuts out after 18 seconds of no draw, if you draw too slowly this will annoy you
  • Not all accessories advertised on their site are available (SS Case, Leather sleeve)
  • Heavy users may find they have to RMA their unit more frequently
I'm sure there are more pro's and con's that I've forgotten so keep on reading for other users experience.

Personally I bought 4x Hoppers:

  • 2x SS which I gave to good friends of mine, one is a very light user, the other is a freaking monster (seriously he's 7ft, has all kinds of back issues and hammers his hopper). Neither of these have had any RMA's
  • 2x Ti's which are both mine. My Green Ti has never had a warranty but I don't use it all that often. My Purple Ti had to be RMA'd immediately due to DOA, then again a month later. The Purple Ti has now been working for 5 months, 3-6 bowls a day on temp 5 (maximum).
This is one of those vapes where you'll find you love it but reports of RMA's will have you constantly wondering how long you'll love it for.

The thing is, there really isn't a vape out there that has the power, flexibility and stealth that the Hopper has.
I was successful in changing the ownership of my new GH into my name. I paid the $45 to Hopper Labs for the changeover fee for the lifetime warranty. The owner needed to email them and give them the OK.

I think it's a good deal to get a lifetime warranty. I had no problem with that. Since the unit was gifted to me I didn't feel like I was out a lot of money.

Owners when selling their GH need to take the $45 fee into consideration.
The grasshopper is a great vape to have when you know you have a backup. Amazing cloud producer through water with great taste and heats up in to time with replaceable batteries. They have a great warranty and will get your vape fixed no problemo whenever it breaks down but my personal testament after having 2x grasshoppers in the past year, between the two of them I have had to warranty four separate times. Now they'll fix it no problem like I said but if you don't have a backup and your hopper gets the cop lights of death and you have to send it in you might be covered but you'll still be out of a vaporizer for a month or more.

That being said when the hopper is working it is a grade A top tier water milking machine of monstrous proportions but until they can fix the unreliability issues with their units it makes them really hard for me to recommend.
If you needed to send your unit in 4 or 5 times that would be a lot in postage to and from Hopper Labs. That's why I was holding off buying one because of all the returns I was reading about. Then a fellow friend gifted me his at no charge. He knew I had been a bit curious. That's why I wanted a warranty because I expect at some point to have an issue.
Hi @CarolKing - I'm pretty sure my GH is right around 10 months old and has not broken. I agree, whether you get a good one or one that will need RMA seems like a bit of a crap shoot still.

I use mine for the occasional out of town road trip (easy to pack). I also use it as a quick source of vapor in the middle of the night when my bedtime dose has worn off a bit and I'm back up in pain. Easy peasy to load and suck down a quick bowl in the GH.

I do sometimes use it as a session vape with glass in the house, but more often I would go to the EVO or Enano for that.

Its a great device. If they would increase its reliability and robustness I would buy another. I would like to see a GH2 with some relief in the very restricted form factor to allow them to create a less critical and sensitive design.

Got my WP adapter MP yesterday. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but will tonight. Here is my little GH kit:

Grasshopper Kit.jpeg
This thread needs a video!
Here is the GH filling my 9" RooR tube with ease!

I have recently started using my hopper dry and find the flavor and effects to be a lot stronger!
So, I tried the WPA front end and it works just fine. Not at all sure its really needed as I thought the silicone prophylatic covered MP fit well into a 14 mm joint, but the WPA fits well and works well.

My GH is bronze Ti and of course the WPA front end only comes in SS but I don't really care that much at all.
From Hopper Labs monthly newsletter email

Grasshopper Grasshopper Mail

March at Hopper Labs
It's been exciting and busy at Hopper Labs this past month!

We released the much-anticipated Performance Front-end (PFE). Before we launched our Indiegogo campaign, we knew we wanted to be able to use the Grasshopper with our favorite glass pieces. Originally intended for just that, we created something even better with the PFE.


Over the course of the last four months, we've been designing, testing and refining the PFE. Starting as a simple adapter for 14mm downstems, we took the idea further by opening the air pathway up and creating a longer vapor path. Not only does this reduce draw resistance but it creates a smoother experience, delivering the vapor over a larger area. A thick stainless steel wall rapidly dissipates heat and allows for long sessions. We are thrilled to add this front-end to the Hopper line. If you are looking to purchase the PFE, act fast as the first production stock is running low.

For those who want to use the power of their PFE-fitted Grasshopper at home with an 18mm downstem, we've released a glass adapter to accommodate you. The small and simple 14mm to 18mm Adapter is an all-glass piece which enlarges the taper of the 14mm Performance Front-end up to 18mm. With this adapter, the PFE can be used with your larger glass.


Currently, we have a stock of Stainless, Titanium and Dark Grey Grasshoppers available for immediate shipping!

As we wrap up an event-filled March, we excitedly welcome April! Look forward to more developments in the accessories department and our presence at this year's 4/20 Rally in Denver! Hopper Labs will have a vendor booth with Grasshoppers, T-shirts, and Accessories. We'll be giving away a few units and will have some sweet deals. Enjoy the community, food, Hoppers, and a free 2 Chainz concert with the Hopper Labs team! We look forward to seeing you there!

Hopper Labs
This is the way to go with this unit. Loved it through the WT. No GonG needed. The tip easily fits in. I hope I don't scratch up the surface of the GH. It doesn't fit as well with the silicone mouthpiece.
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Wow, that's surprising. I find that in 14 mm joints, the stock front end WITH the silicone prophylactic fits best.

Just shows why we come here and share....our experiences are often the same, but also often different.

I'm so glad you are enjoying your GH. I think you will really like it as a quick to use adjunct to your log vapes.:thumbsup: :headbang::clap:
My water tube is the Pinnacle Pro model which was mated for the vaporizer itself. It's not a knock off from DHgate, I tried again to try the silicone mouthpiece and it didn't work. It wouldn't sit down low enough on the water tube.
My water tube is the Pinnacle Pro model which was mated for the vaporizer itself. It's not a knock off from DHgate, I tried again to try the silicone mouthpiece and it didn't work. It wouldn't sit down low enough on the water tube.

I have the 'Budgie Vaporizer Water Tool' from VapeFiend and I get the same experience, the Hopper fits natively but not with the SMP.

Same with the MFLB Orbiter, so I got a spare plain Ti MP from HL to use when on the water tool. This was before the PFE was announced. I have a PFE on the way as I wanted to see if it made any difference at all.
I've been using my GH for a couple months now and I still love it. I haven't had any problems with it. It was gifted to me by a friend. I bought three new batteries when I changed over ownership with Hopper Labs. Not sure which are the ones I bought. I notice some batteries last longer than others. When I buy new batteries I will keep them separate so I know.

I use my GH probably a half hour a day. It doesn't get constant use. I use a log vape or my Solo as well.
My grasshopper's on the way in for service again. It didn't get much use because it never really worked. The first one vaped great but broke apart, that second one was better mechanically, so hopefully this third time will be charmed. I've ordered three more batteries and a green performance front end in anticipation of finally having the hopper of my dreams.


My hopper's back and it's working better than ever. It feels great to finally have her back in the fold, nothing quite like a working grasshopper. They spaced on consolidating my accessory order but it was sorted immediately. I'm really looking forward to trying out the newly available color-matched green ti performance front end, should be on the way now.

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I've had my used hopper for overa couple months and it's been working like a charm. I don't use mine all day like some folks do. The GH isn't made to be used constantly IMO. I use mine in the evening with water filtration for about 20 minutes. The Pinnacle Pro Micro Shower water tool works wonderful with the GH. I have a pic somewhere on the thread.
I lost my GH that someone gave me while I was on a trip. It's somewhere between the OR coast and the CA redwoods. I ordered another one and recieved it fairly quickly. I paid extra for three day shipping. It came in the three days,

I've been testing it a lot because I think it has some issues. I hope I can work through them.

The hopper will turn on if bumped at times while laying on the table. So I need to take the battery out when not in use. Sometimes it won't turn off and I have to manually turn the unit off.

It stopped working off and on but I cleaned the area where the battery sits with a qtip and ISO. I think debis gets on the battery connector because the other side is where your oven is filled with cannabis. ABV dust may accumulate? At least it's not turning off like it was and seems to be working a little better. I may need to send the unit back but I'm giving it some time to try to work through it.

I'm continuing to go through my batteries to see which ones aren't working well. I have six and out of five so far two batteries are really low. I'm marking low batteries with a sharpie so I can keep track. I will order more down the road. I use a Nitecore charger, it charges two batteries at a time.
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