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Vape Vaped Flora by Micro


Oven is made of glass. I watched one being dismantled. The heater around the glass is metal.. but herb touches glass.
The Micro Vaped Flora
by Uncle Vito​
The Micro Vaped Flora uses an innovative vapor delivery system which features an internal glass compartment and glass mouthpiece. Glass on glass is what you get with the Flora.

The inner chamber is a tube of solid Glass.
This is where you fill the unit. The bottom of the chamber is part of this one piece chamber... it has holes in the bottom. Herbal matter does not get stuck in these holes, as you are inhaling from the top.
You slide the mouthpiece up, and fill the chamber....
touch the button 5 times, and the button turns red.
It takes about 30 seconds for the button to turn green, and you are ready to start the session.
There are no temperature settings to mess with, just the one setting.
It feels to me like it is between about 380º and 390F.
The flavor is absolutely great with this unit.
The sessions go about 5 minutes.
After a couple back to back sessions, the metal at the top and the glass begins to be hot, but not too hot for Vaporist lips!
The box comes with one extra glass mouthpiece, that slides into the glass chamber. The inner glass chamber does not get sticky, as its entirety is heated... and full of herb, only the top needs cleaning, and it has my favorite feature of all.... A SHORT VAPOR PATH!
I can not emphasize how much I like this unit.
  • On/Off button and a 1 inch vapor path to clean.
  • Herb touches only glass.
  • 30 second warmup time.
Color me sold!
Video done at computer webcam, so pardon the graininess
I'm intrigued by this vaporizer with the glass on glass feature. It's not sold everywhere. It's not that expensive either. Just a little over $100.. I see everywhere I looked they were sold out. Not really going to buy one now.:juggle: I have my hands full but it might be one in the next couple of months. Like for summer.

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VGoodiez 420EDC