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Discontinued Vapir NO2

Vapes no longer in production


I love Vapir Products.
They are long lasting and very functional.
I own every Vapir Vape made.... and each has it's place, but this was the first portable I owned, in 2010.
Pickings were slim back then, only a few portables to select from.
I loved my NO2 then and I still do. It is on my signature for a reason.
Easy to not get burned.
Easy to not get broken.
Long sessions as you will see...
I made this video back in early 2011.

This same unit is still going strong.
What I do not mention in the next video, is that the battery and unit sat in police impound, without
charging for almost 2 years. That in itself surprised me more than had it been in regular use.
The session was in same exact location in room. I have added things over the years.

NO2 Fun:
NO2 is pure convection

Vapir is all about convection, and they hold the patent on
Patent for Convection Vaporization
I love my case for it (now very hard to find):

Big.... but firs in my pocket:


How to remove the top... people say it is difficult, but it is not:

I am not saying it is the best vaporizer in the world... but after 7 years, and still in rotation (the original!)
Keeping the NO2 Top Screen Clean: VIDEO
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