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Lunacy What The Hell Are You Listening To?


Denny Crane!
I've been having dreams about Kurt Cobain lately.

I wasn't a huge fan of Nirvana. Not until my later years of high school - he killed himself when I was 13.

But I do remember the day I heard he had died. I suppose it was similar to finding out John Lennon had been shot.

Mark David Chapman - Fuck you. Fuck you. It wasn't enough to taint The Beatles. You had to taint The Catcher In The Rye as well. FUCK YOU. Yeah, Lennon was a dick and Salinger, well, the less you know about him the better, but their artistry should have been left alone. That's how it works. You ruined it. Fuck you. You're a piece of brimstone shit.

It's not well documented, but felines loved Kurt.

With the lights out
Its less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid
And contagious
Could be the pandemic anthem


US Army Vet, Dad, Churner & Cannabis Lover


Let's go prune some power lines.
Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) (feat. Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim)

Stan Getz & João GilbertoGetz/Gilberto • 1964

Ah, Stanny. Bossanova master.

Every time I hear him, I think the of Pixies screaming, "I'll bossanova with 'cha!"

Hard to believe that Pixies song was 1990. Holy fucking hell. I'm fucking old.


86 pages? That's cool.

Been over 10 years, Mark. You're gone. Teresa is gone. Vic is gone. Kurt is gone. I don't know what the bloody point is anymore.



US Army Vet, Dad, Churner & Cannabis Lover
Ok I need a martini, filterless cigarette and everything has to be in black and white
Cafe optional

No martinis, beer .Lots of joints too , but cigarettes do have filters
Every thing else on point…. Really good food.


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Denny Crane!


they say im crazy but i have a good time


US Army Vet, Dad, Churner & Cannabis Lover



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