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Lunacy What Would Your Name Be?

Gatsby Orange Grove,

suck a golf ball thru 20ft of nylex
able to self fellate, likes midgets

Appeared in:

Chix with dicks but no nips.
Dudes with dicks but no tits
When hetro met metro
Bukkake chef- where the secret ingredient is always the same
Bukkake chef 2- this time he ate asparagus
Bukkake chef 3- glazed like a donut
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That makes me...

MyPenis InATrashCan?

That's just spooky accurate, wow!
I would be Jack Daniels Spring . . . :lol:
Damn it Mom! I'm going to abide by the rules of the post but I'm not happy......

"take the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on...."

My first pet's name was Dinky (Yorky) and I lived on 1st Avenue so I guess that makes me Dinky One. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.
Mine turns out to be quite good...

I'm Candy Crescent....
Stuart Camille here...
Lucky* Victoria - Not exactly the porn star name I've always dreamed of having

*Lucky was a cat my parents rescued, he was obnoxious. We ended up with him because out of the 300 cats in the room he was the one that leapt off a closet and sank claws into my dads back. My dad took this as a sign that this meeting was meant to be so he brought the vicious little sod home to terrorise the kids (and our other feline friend) for years to come, I still have scars.

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