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Vape XMax V2 Pro


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I love this unit!
It is so user friendly and sturdy.. a perfect on the go unit for patients.
The temperature settings are right on.
there are 5 settings so naturally I went to the middle (392º)
After a couple thick vaporous hits I went down to level two (374º) and finished my session there.
The top screen is a real screen that can be removed and cleaned as opposed to the new perforated metal circles being used in the pen shaped dry herb units of late.
I love also the top being made of a softer silicone material.. this is perfect for a patient being driven around (that is how I tested the unit today).
Bumps in the road?... no problem. The soft mouthpiece can bang against your teeth with impunity and no surprise.
The unit also has a memory.
When you touch the button 3 times (on/off procedure) it goes right back to where you were.
The heat-up time was under a minute also!
Battery life surprised me.
6 full sessions and the battery was only 1/4 of the way down.
I am a fan, and will be proud to provide these units to patients.

The unit comes with an oil "pod" that has wicking material topped by a screen.
The oil can (pod) works magnificently. The wicking material is very much like a length of old fashioned cigarette lighter wicks (without the wire).
The wax hits were thick and rich in flavor, and I did not have to baby the unit... once the wax melted in I could move as I wished without having to hold the unit upright.. the concave screen holds it all in the wicking material.
After two sessions, I was able to clean the pod in Iso, and also dip that wick in Iso, and squeeze it dry with paper towel.
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Thanks for this @Vitolo.

It looks nice, it's versatile (concentrates, flower and wax), and it's affordable. Regular price on most sites is $79.99. @PuffItUp has the X-Max v2 Pro for $59.00 and afree grinder with code XM.


Size: Measuring 6.5” (16.51 cm) in length and .75” (1.9 cm) in diameter, so it's stealthy.

Not a lot of info/reviews on the unit but for $59.00 it might be worth a try. Hmmmmm.
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I bought one of these for a friend's father who was dying of cancer because it was inexpensive and easy to use. However, I only used it once to demonstrate how it worked. One thing I noticed is that the draw is quite restricted with the silicone mouthpiece and I was glad that I had also purchased the glass mouthpiece which has a less restrictive air path hole.
I am not fond of restrictive air paths... one reason that I use my CFX less frequently.
I did not find the silicone mouthpiece to be restrictive at all in comparison.. less restrictive even than a solo stem well filled.
I CAN SEE... that the glass accessory Mouthpiece has a much wider orifice, and I am certain that would make the draw even more free.
I have made arrangements to get a glass mouthpiece, since I have a number of this unit assigned to patients locally, in case I run across one that needs this type of open draw.
Being silicone, the original mouthpiece releases the screen and holder, and I see how also one could easily run a drill through to widen the airpath in the mouthpiece.
I was not made aware of the glass mouthpiece, so now I have more information in my arsenal.
For info on this mouthpiece and it's ordering:
Hello to the VA community, I registered in that forum after to spoke since many years with @momofthegoons in another place, she is a great lady!

Since, I got the opportunity to work with TopGreen, the maker of both line of v aporizers called X-Vape and X-Max. My job is to reply to questions about our products, launch new products and help you for warranty support.

Glad to see there is still some love for the X-Max V2 Pro, it was our first vape to be famous and it was a step ahead its time with the replacable battery and rather small size. Don't hesitate to ask me about that vape!

Have fun!

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