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One benefit of the Roffu is it's polished aluminium body, it is effortless to clean after being used with sticky fingers while 'gardening'.

I am slowly creeping up to 10000 on the puff counter on my OG which is getting close to 2 years old and apart from a few scratches on the screen, looks great. I flattened the battery completely then charged it in my Nitecore charger and was happy that the resistance was only 69 m/ohm and the capacity was slightly over 2500mAh. I was surprised at how good the battery health is as I have not looked after the cell at all, if anything I purposefully abused it by charging straight after use and draining it to empty quite often.
I just received a couple of value-adding Roffu items. I received the new style capsules (Roffu herb pods x5) w/holder and the body armour,


The armour sure does keep things cooler when running the Roffu hard. :thumbsup:
The Roffu UI has also had a tweak, the puff counter is now a bit easier to understand,
Screenshot (145).png
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Been doing battery tests in the Roffu and was surprised at how many sessions the OG battery provides, 10x 6min sessions at 190C(375f). More surprising was that my Sony VTC6 and LG HG2 batteries which must be close to 5 years old but still showing low internal resistance only managed 9x 6min sessions each. All batteries were around 2500mAh when recharged. I noticed the Roffu does not completely drain an 18650 so the battery should last quite a while.
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These are the abv piles from testing, I do not usually stir but the loading funnel and on-board pick make it an easy affair. I will add the bowls were all well spent before the end of each second stirred sesh,
View attachment 38092
I now have 1498 puffs on the counter (was getting restrictive) and just cleaned the cooling unit (875 was on the counter the last time I disassembled the CU for a deep clean)...Pics soon.
My OG Roffu is now just over 2 years old and the puff counter has just reached 10,000. :uhoh: :rofl:

I did find out the puff counter does not advance by simply turning it on as my counter was on 09995 and I wanted a 10,000 pic and tried to advance the counter for the pic, 3 sessions later the counter was still on 09995...it only went up after I puffed on it.
I ran the test using 2x 6-minute sessions at 190c/375f as before but left my silicone armor sleeve. It must have skewed the test as I got 1 extra (11 in total) 6-minute session with the old battery compared to 2 years ago!
I have never looked after this battery, always runs to dead flat and is charged straight after use, so I was surprised to see the internal resistance is still only 45m/ohm (this is less than when brand new:thinker:) with a capacity of 2563mAh.
I just rerun the test without the silicone sleeve and let the unit cool between every second session and I still managed 8x 6-minute sessions from the old battery. I also let the battery cool before charging and my Nitecore SC4 charger says the internal resistance is only 51m/ohm with a capacity of 2430mAh.

So overall I am more than happy with how well this 18650 battery is holding up and the Roffu is still chugging away nicely too. :thumbsup:
My OG Roffu is now just over 2 years old and the puff counter has just reached 10,000. :uhoh: :rofl:


Mine is around 1,5 years old and the puff counter has reached 25132 :weed::smug:
I really like this vaporizer!

A pity though that you cannot find any spare parts on the internet outside from California. I need for example the airflow box


but I would have to pay 50 dollar for the shipping costs!:doh:
Anyway, I really like the Roffu!

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