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A new portable with a lot of good features, convection, glass or s/s bowl, zirconia spiral cooler, ceramic mouthpiece, 18650 (not 18560 as the video below says), session or on demand,

Troy's review,
I am pleased to say my unit arrived this afternoon:clap:
My first impressions are that it is a premium vape, hefty with a really nice finish.
I run the unit at 180c with the glass oven as that is what it was set at and after the short warm-up time, I took a long slow inhale of about 10-12 seconds. I thought I was going to get a whispy first puff as the vapor was quite cool but was pleasantly surprised with a monster exhale that kept on going! The second was about the same density and I was able to blow vapor rings on the exhale.:smug:
The third and subsequent puffs were noticeably less dense with the flavor dropping into the roasted zone...that I actually do not mind. I was barely getting any vapor at about 4 minutes into the sesh so I ended without temp stepping up and found a nice even roast on par with a 190-200c V3 load.
The first load was a sprinkle fill of about 3/5 full, the next bowl was sprinkle filled to the brim but not over and I bumped up to 190c with similar results to the first bowl but the sesh lasted to almost the 6-minute setting and a slightly darker ABV (hard to tell the difference by looking really)
The only problem I can see is the mouthpiece gets pretty hot after 2x 6 min sessions in a row.
I already have a WPA worked out and look forward to trying it when I get back from camping (off tomorrow so I have12x 18650s packed ready for a good workout and maybe a video as they are easier for me to post)
But so far...very good.
a video as they are easier for me to post)
Haha, shows I cut and pasted the same story on FC...still got no picture hosting...no such problems here,
Glamping in style, no roughing it with the vapes...spot the Roffu!

The Roffu is a premium feeling vape and mates well with my Puffco Pro for a good night out,

The initial thought of the mouthpiece overheating was unfounded as the zirconia cools very quickly. I am loving the ease of draw and not having to work as hard to get vapor. I even managed pretty good clouds (it was cold camping though) with great taste at 150c/302f, I temp stepped by 10c every 6-minute sesh until I got to 180c and the vapor finally stopped. No stir and a perfectly even roast (no burnt popcorn taste until the end of the 180c sesh).
The glass oven is a treat to fill with the supplied funnel and great to see how the load is going between hits if you like that sort of thing. As far as cleaning I would just brush the oven out with the cool brush/scoop combo that also comes with the unit and every half a dozen bowls I would use a dry q-tip to wipe out the mouthpiece assy (easy magnet set-up).
The Roffu even has a stats screen...247 puffs...in 3 days...:uhoh:

I did not have to use any spare batteries as I just charged the unit via its USB-C socket whenever I was not using it (I like not having to baby the battery like I would other devices that turn to landfill when the battery dies).
I have not even tried the stainless steel bowl yet as I want to get familiar with the device before I change any variables.
We really are spoiled with a great selection of vapes lately and this offering from XVAPE is no exception.
Much testing is to come and I am quite looking forward to it.:science:
I will add that I was given this vape to try by XVAPE but would not have buyer's remorse if I had paid for it myself.:twocents:
Been digging this device here at 420EDC HQ. We got it just before the holiday. Fairly certain that we'll add it to the arsenal in May. Been using it in On-Demand mode more than Session. Took it out for a hike yesterday and it performed as it should. It's not a flavor chaser's dream but it does extract fast, gets to temp fast and we've been opting for lower temps compared to what we normally run on other devices. Overall it is a solid unit in terms of build. It cleans up fairly easily, just be careful not to get any solvents on the magnets in the mouthpiece. Have not used the SS chamber yet, maybe someday.
Just a quick video to show how the bowls work, I find the vapor taste is more like conduction if I go over 180-190C. I usually start at 160c or 170c for a 6-minute session then bump up to 170c-180c to finish off a bowl. I have had a few bowls at 210c+ and can extract a load very quickly but I am not a big fan of the flavour when I do this...anyway,

And the second puff as filming while vaping takes some practice,
I’ve been testing the ROFFU for a month and a half for Xmax/XLux and find it to be a pretty decent portable. I don’t think it’s worth the $180 retail for a myriad of reasons the first being that the exterior material used gets far too warm during even a 6 minute session. I’d share all my findings but it appears users already have done so. Plus who wants to talk negatively about a product others own? I think it’s a great follow up to the V3 Pro and I’m excited as I know the company is to see what the XLux Series has in store. On demand AND session, this we KNOW they can do. Can’t wait to see more.
Plus who wants to talk negatively about a product others own?
People that do not own it! Different views are always welcomed, positive, negative and neutral are all great for someone to help make their decision.
I don’t think it’s worth the $180 retail for a myriad of reasons the first being that the exterior material used gets far too warm during even a 6 minute session
Did you get a pre-production model as the body of my unit does not get overly hot...only the mouthpiece gets overly warm and that is usually during the 3rd back to back at 180c for me, a small rest soon cools the zirconia though.
After 3x 6min sesh, 160c, 170c, and finished on 180c,
At the heater was the hottest (highest reading I got),

The body was just nice and warm (again, hottest spot I could find),

Some people will say you can't measure a shiny surface with an IR thermometer so for those peeps I purchased a surface ribbon probe that cost many times more than the meters I use it in and a solid surface temp probe to get in where the ribbon will not fit),
Hottest reading on the heater (the unit had just shut off while I was aiming the camera),

Body warmest shot (on the front this time),

And finally the mouthpiece (as I have mentioned it cools very quickly as I saw 49c before I could snap the pic),

The surface mount probe was slower to react and therefore even lower. I even tried with my lips on the probe while vaping and it never went above 42c.

Here is a pic of the ABV after the above tests, the mouthpiece shows 2 days of use (needs a clean that is as easy as a dry q-tip as I only brush out the glass oven and the screen that sits above it between refills),

Little to no vapor on the 3rd 180c bowl I was just trying to get the unit as hot as possible at normal vaping temps (that I deduce by ABV :science: )
I can see a mesh filter replacing the stamped plate OG pretty soon to keep the scooby snacks in the oven.
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What temps are you working with @Dankonlee ? Have not noticed anything excessive here but we aren't nuking things at Max temp or anything close. The Roffu we have runs hot, so running Session Mode at 340˚F and On-Demand Mode at 330˚F. While the flavor isn't the best, the effects deliver the goods and all can be done quickly or slowly depending on what you are open to or what the situation calls for. Anyone pop the screen out of the grinder and try it? Otherwise I don't see the point. No way I'm trying to harvest kif from anything that tiny.
Anyone pop the screen out of the grinder and try it? Otherwise I don't see the point.
I was also stumped with the mesh right against the drop holes but I surmised that it is meant to be used as a 2 piece grinder that is good for stealing your mate's kief.
I have only used the grinder once as it is way too small for my use...secret Santa present?
I am really liking the flavor at the lower temps, it is no OG WoodScents but is quite good...only with the glass bowl though as the metal has that 'twang' taste about it...could be a mental about the metal thing?
I am really liking the flavor at the lower temps,
Thanks for stressing this. Dropping it down to 315˚F improves things in On-Demand mode. The Dosing Capsules for the XMax V3 Pro fit the glass nicely, just drop out the screen and bam.
The Roffu has got quite a bit of power...makes for good bong work, Ed's TNT WPA(?) with a bit of silicon to hold the WPA to the S/S bowl using a new V3 Pro capsule to contain the load,

Now at max temp (220c) with the Roffu bowl filter above and below the load in the S/S oven to keep it in place,

The result of 2x puffs at 220c from above along with the oven disc filers that can make the bowl as small as you want or as large as I just did for 2 full rips,

I have been in touch with XVAPE and have been told a WPA is being worked on but no ETA as yet.
I am enjoying my Roffu quite a bit, it is still winning the reach test (I seem to be using it the most out of my collection)
A nice short video on the Roffu, nice explanation of the swappable ovens, I just would not pack as tight as Matt does but that is a personal preference thing,
it is still winning the reach test (I seem to be using it the most out of my collection)
The Roffu is what we reach for when looking for a faster session these days with the XMax V3 Pro dosing capsules. Clean the mouthpiece assembly at least once a week which isn't much work.
Hey fellow VA members, just letting you all know I am now your point of contact for most things XVAPE-related, I look forward to helping in any way I can, I am still getting up to speed so please be gentle.
I will say I have been informed that a WPA and dosing capsules are under development but I have no ETA on them but will advise as soon as I get any news.
Current discount code,

Use code "FIREWORKS" for 15% off + FREE Shipping over $50​

I am liking the Air Blue colour the more I see it,
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Been doing battery tests in the Roffu and was surprised at how many sessions the OG battery provides, 10x 6min sessions at 190C(375f). More surprising was that my Sony VTC6 and LG HG2 batteries which must be close to 5 years old but still showing low internal resistance only managed 9x 6min sessions each. All batteries were around 2500mAh when recharged. I noticed the Roffu does not completely drain an 18650 so the battery should last quite a while.

These are the abv piles from testing, I do not usually stir but the loading funnel and on-board pick make it an easy affair. I will add the bowls were all well spent before the end of each second stirred sesh,

I now have 1498 puffs on the counter (was getting restrictive) and just cleaned the cooling unit (875 was on the counter the last time I disassembled the CU for a deep clean)...Pics soon.
@LesPlenty we've been running Hohm Tech cells in our Roffu and have been getting 10 sessions on the higher capacity cells. Right now we're running the Hohm Work cell which has a smaller capacity to see how many capsules we can manage out of 2547mAh. For the most part, we just have been using On-Demand mode at 315˚F and are happy with flavor, extraction and effects. Using Dice to keep track of the sessions these days which is fun as long as you remember to flip it to the next number when starting the session. Guessing the same goes for writing it down.

Do you happen to know the specs on the cell included with the Roffu in terms of minimum amperage requirements? Was not able to find that info researching the cell itself. Was planning to ask XVape about this but keep forgetting, so now that you are their Rep, maybe you know or can get the answer. IIRC the XMax V3 Pro cell is 7.8A.
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Do you happen to know the specs on the cell included with the Roffu
I have asked the question, will let you know what I find out, now one for you...do you post to Canada?
Congrats on your new assignment!
Thanks, @Fat Freddy, so, you like my analog calculator?... I probably should also use the puff counter next time to see how that equates to 6 min sessions.
I put 673 puffs through my unit without disassembling the cooling unit just to see how it would perform without any maintenance. I replaced the stamped filter plate with a mesh job and got no plant matter past it. (I only recommend this if using capsules as the plate filter adds a bit of hybrid conduction heating to fully vape a bowl without the need of stirring). I only cleaned it due to the airflow becoming too restricted,

There was a pool of reclaim in the bottom below the zirconia jewelry-grade cooling spiral...I should have tried dabbing it but did not realize how much was in there until I started q-tipping!
I would say a once-a-week deep clean would be easier and keep the airflow up as it is hard to tell it slowly getting tighter.

Also did a couple of comparisons between the glass bowl and S/S bowl with a V3Pro S/S dosing cap,
S=small vapor cloud, L=large vapor cloud, H=huge vapor cloud...I was ripping pretty hard and have a pretty good lung capacity (the last physical for a job doc said I was obviously a non-smoker yet I had been a 2 pack a day smoker for about 15 years back then...:puke:)

That was a furious 4 minutes on the glass and 2.5 on the S/S!
Here were the bowls content weights, 0.1g in the glass and 0.076g in the cap,


Weight of cap contents after vaping,
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