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Lunacy You Know You're Really Medicated When.........


reaching maximum velocity...
When you snap out of stare and you have no idea how long you have been staring at whatever is in front of you!


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You ask your wife what her day is looking like and she spends 5 minutes telling you.
Then you ask you wife what her day is looking like.
Imagine the look.


And yes that really is my wife :love:


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You have to tell yourself - out loud - "Stop that, you're an adult!".


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You take a draw from your vaporizer and you already dumped your ABV. After a couple draws you realize there's nothing in the herb chamber.:torching:

hehehe....or when you are sucking the hell out of your HT on top of your EVO and happen to notice the loaded ELB still sitting on the table. I have done this, multiple times.

Or, or when you are sucking the hell out of your HT on top of your EVO and happen to notice that the cap to the loaded ELB is still sitting on the table (and your HT is full of ground herb). I have also done this, multiple times.



Vapor Accessory Addict
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When you burn the bejesus (yes... I've branded myself again) on whatever hot item you are near at the time. I just hit my arm with the wand to my SSV. I think I've branded myself with every type of item you can use now; from stems to the vapes themselves. Sigh....


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Enter the Dragon
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There are a couple of stock standards for me.

  • I sway like i'm drunk when taking a piss before bed. Not that I miss the bowl but standing straight is a big effort & walking challenging. Not every night but at least twice a week.
  • Vaping way too much before the football starts & instantly regretting it. It frequently happens on Saturday afternoons & I wake up in the 2nd 1/2 or in the middle of the 3rd 1/4. Half time seems to catch me out & it inevitably happens in either a quality game or my team is playing.
  • When I grab a UD NonG thinking it is the cool one when it is the hot one I just put down.


Herb Gardener.....
When I get my phone out to do something specific, but by the time iv unlocked it, it's gone, and I'm left looking at a blank home screen for a while....

So I give up and lock it and put it down...

Then I remember and get it out again, but by the time i unlock it.......
This can get frustrating....

This issue has been greatly improved since owning a samsung galaxy note 7....
Iris unlock is instant, so I just get my phone out, and it unlocks on its own, leaving my memory free to remember what it's doing....


Herb Gardener.....
On another phone related issue (yes this actually happened)

You know your baked when you go to make a phone call and by the time they pick up you can't remember what you were calling them about in the first place.

Ah but then what do you do....
Accept your poor memory and ask who you have just phoned, risking looking like a complete moron.... what if it's your boss...
Your gonna look stupid...

Or 'style' it out / blag it, whatever you call it, and hope you will recognise their voice or get a clue.... before they realise you don't know who you have rung...

Personally, I just hang up.....

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