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Misc. Your Current Lineup


Hand of the Queen
I am curious what vape(s) everyone uses and for what purposes. Many of us vaporists have been afflicted by VAS over the years and have lineups that change. I wanted a thread for everyone to have a place to share what vapes we use and why. I'll go first:

@Pipes Project Eraser - daily driver with numerous stems per day, amazing taste with no taste loss by the end of the bowl, temperature control, handles small (.05-.06) loads extremely well, mini-sessions that are quick but effective and enjoyable, my overall favourite vape I have used in 5 years of vaping.

Grasshopper - for use when out and about, combination of stealth and power, also used at the end of the day to sit me on my ass after the kids are in bed, the one my wife uses.

Vapcap (Blackwood Ti-Woody S) - Used at various times in the day, also used to vape kief about an hour before bed to help me sleep.

Pipes Project Shitfucker w/14mm @ddave mod - Overnight usage, fast and powerful, also supremely efficient with both herb and battery life.

Former vapes: Milaana, Evo, Herbalizer, EQ, Solo, MFLB

What is everyone else using?
@fluffhead I can see you and I need to chat because I haven't tried any of @Pipes creations and the names have me intrigued..... :cool:

My daily drivers lately have been the SSV or the WoodScents for flower. I don't really have a portable flower vape right now that really floats my boat and am looking to get one. Dabbing is mostly done with the DNail or one of my numerous wax pens. I've also been enjoying the pre-filled co2 cartridges I get at dispensaries (although I prefer to dab straight concentrates on a nail). I usually have a variety of log vapes on around the house at any given time. My Toasty Top has been plugged in since the day I got it, but mostly gets used for aromatherapy these days.
Most of my vaping is done via my Underdog these days & incidental VapCap use when the mood takes. My Air only goes out on excursions where I can't use a torch.
Mostly I use the an OmniVap as it is so convenient.

I also have a GrassHopper but I find the VapCap simpler to use as I don't need a funnel to fill it. No threads to get gunked up by jamming the thing into a pot of ground herb.

I have a PAX2 that doesn't see the light of day anymore.

I also have an @Pipes Portside (VapCap induction heater) on the way.
I need to send my hopper in again. The first one worked great but broke apart mechanically. The one I have now is like the opposite, it's never vaped well just changes the color of the material but is mechanically excellent.

While I have many vapes that I like to use, I mostly stick to a small lineup at any given time. For now that includes my vapcaps out of a jarhead induction heater, and my ssv using lsv direct draw accessories.

When I go portable it's the vapcap m with a dugout and small triple torch, or my full milaana fanny pack kit. I have also been enjoying my cfx with the elb/2-screen mod for portable party sessions, works great with nubes.

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I like to use several different vaporizers but not all the time. I might put one away and get it out after not using it for a while.

I am using the new Woodscents with a wooden stem as well as a VapCap that's modified to fit as a mouthpiece. The WS is a heavy hitter. I will probably eventually bring the 2 Nano back out again and use them as well. I've been using the Grasshopper, 2 Solos and the Milaana. The Arizer Air I haven't used lately but it's still in my line up. Sometimes I get the EVO out but not that often.

I have a Haze, Indica, Ascent, Vapir No 2, Two Pinnacle Pros with cracked bodies in a drawer. I have a dabbler vape pen put away too. I gave away a MFLB, Solo, Noir and a Vapir No 1.
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I also try to keep a rotation going. The one joy of having a plethora of different vapes is when you start using one for a while and get tired of it you can switch to a completely different one and keep having a good time. My current lineup as of late has been:

Morning Vape: 1-3 nice one hitter bowls from my WoodScents. Doesn't get me really "stoned" but get me up and going for the day.

Lunch Time: I go home and depending on how I'm feeling I either take 1 or 2 more WoodScent hits or just dont hit anything. Most days of late I haven't been vaping on my lunch though and instead just waiti until I finish work.

Evening Vape: I like to start out with a nice bowl or two from my herbalizer with the steamroller. The vapor density and taste is just out of this world. After that gets me nice and toasty I'll usually sit down and either read for a while or watch some TV. This is when I like to turn the Volcano on and just sit and relax and sip on a bag.

I'm thinking in the next week or two I have to bring my Firefly 2 and SSV back into rotation. See how those play out!
The Arizer Air I haven't used lately but it's still in my line up. Sometimes I get the EVO out but not that often.

I have just prepped my Air to lend to a friend going camping this Easter. Since he has never really vaped before I think it will be pretty foolproof with a wooden stem & a bunch of batteries. I purchased a UD over an Evo & your post makes me feel like I made the right decision as most vaping is solo these days.
Been testing out my Errlectric Herb Nail a LOT! Really enjoying it but the NewVape FlowerPot is on the way, so we will see!

I usually rotate a few vapes and the ones on my desk at the moment are:
Errlectric Herb Nail as well as the Ti Nail with Quartz insert for dabs
Vrip heat Wand
Supreme 3
Quick Core MiniVap

All nice big hitters!
I also rotate among the vapes listed in my signature block below but have been finding that lately I have been using the Enano quite a bit just cause its so easy and so effective. But last night it was the EVO. The Volcano will collect dust for a while and then when I use it again I'm gobsmacked and wonder why I haven't been hitting this bad boy more often! LOL

The devices that's not necessarily in rotation is my Liger banger and concentrate pens as I do try to keep concentrate use under control lest I blow my tolerance all to hell.
I'm another member of the vapour rotation club, enjoy the variety!

Right now I'm using my Walnut Woodscents when I feel like doing some heavy back to back bowls at my desk (or tips in this case). Works excellently through water.

I keep my Vapcaps filled for quick satisfying hits when I'm floating around the house or gaming. Especially now that I have the Jarhead induction heater courtesy of @Pipes! Makes it very easy to heat a cap up with one hand between rounds/respawns.

I also recently recieved my Evic Tubo, I think it's going to replace my Milaana/MVT in rotation for now.. Hits like a train, very easy draws, super flavourful, has the whip which I love.. Definitely experiencing some honeymoon attachment, but I have a feeling the Tubo will stick around for the long haul.

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