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18650 battery vape

  1. momofthegoons

    Vape Arizer Air 2

    With my og Solo dying recently, I succumbed to a bit of VAS over the 420 sales and purchased an Air 2 from @420edc . The package he offered during the 420 sale was really a good bargain. The Air 2 comes standard with the following: (not pictured... PVC travel tubes) 1 x Air II Portable...
  2. Kurtdigglur

    Vape Arizer ArGo

    Attention all inmates: I wanted to find an easy to use and maintain vaporizer for a 74 year old new vaporent. He hasn’t used any vapes before and hasn’t used any medical herbs for over 8 years. I did a lot of researching and my experiences with vapes to come to my conclusion. I wanted...
  3. BD9

    Vape Flowermate Slick

    A new (ish) affordable portable. The Flowermate Slick with tear down. Flowwermate Slick, $80.00 US. https://www.puffitup.com/Flowermate-Slick-p/fm.slick-crbn.htm Tear down; https://blog.puffitup.com/2019/02/slick-vaporizer-teardown The Flowermate Slick is a convection heavy hybrid made of...
  4. elykpeace

    Vape Firewood 6

    Firewood 6 pictures! fw6 next to a fw5c and fw5s: Opened up: Retractable mouthpiece: Loading: Tamping: Tool/Lid back in place and ready to go: I am very excited for this vape and I got on the wait list about a month ago. Handcrafted by the legend Marc creator of (fw1,2,3,4,5)...
  5. NizzyJones

    Vape Firewood 5

    Still no Firewood 5 thread? Time to remedy that. Really loving mine (OG curved walnut model). Convection/Radiant on demand heater; wood, glass & ceramic vapor path; five bowls built in; good battery life; easy to use, easy to carry, beautiful wood, woodworking and overall build quality. My...
  6. beyond6strings

    Vape Lil Bud from Vapwood

    This is my first week here on VA. I noticed there wasn't a thread for one of my favorite vapes; the Lil' Bud from Vapwood. For those of you who participate at FC as well you know the maker as Bravesst. I am a fan of artisan crafted items. Whether its guitars, beer, bourbon, or vaporizers, I...
  7. MistVape

    Discontinued MVT2

    Hello all, been working on a new vape. This is very much like the Touch except I have replaced the touch pad with a button and added an air inlet valve. Also the coil is a bit cooler which means the battery life isn't as good as with the Touch but it is still good. Working on getting a...
  8. duff

    Vape Nomad by Morwood

    Totally pumped to be getting this sucker in the next week or two. I'm not a flashy guy so I went with plain paper.
  9. herbivore21

    Vape Da Vinci IQ

    So I thought that we need a thread for this one here. I have recently had the chance to experience one of these and it is wonderful! I had no hardware issues with my unit and have not had to RA at all so far. I know I'd heard about that happening to some extent especially upon release. A few...
  10. 420vapezone

    Vape Firewood 4

    The Firewood 4 is a portable convection vape made of wood. The 4th iteration features a removable 18650 battery, a separate (optional) cooling unit/top cap, and a capsule system for multiple sessions on the go. The heater is on-demand. It senses your draw and turns the heater on. It is still...
  11. MistVape

    Discontinued MistVape Touch

    Hello all, just starting this thread to discuss the MistVape Touch. The Touch (also referred to as MVT) is a convection portable that runs on one 18650. The stem holds micro doses up to 0.1 grams and works well with oils and concentrates using cotton or hemp fibers. Currently I have a list for...

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