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Discontinued MistVape Touch

Vapes no longer in production


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Hello all, just starting this thread to discuss the MistVape Touch. The Touch (also referred to as MVT) is a convection portable that runs on one 18650. The stem holds micro doses up to 0.1 grams and works well with oils and concentrates using cotton or hemp fibers.
Currently I have a list for those that are interested in getting a Touch, contact me at info@mistvaporizer.com for info on the list.
See www.mistvaporizer.com for more info, www.mistvaporizer.com/instructions for details on use.
Any questions or comments let me know.
....hey!...shouldn't u be getting my unit together?!...(just teasing)....great to see you here man!...you will love the folks here!....cheers!:clap:
...good luck my friend...all the best .
I bought a kilo of hemp fibers to use to tune the coils. Look for hot spots and adjust the coil.
Consequently I have a lot of hemp fibers so I am going to add that to the offering on the website. Probably one ounce bag of fibers for $9
Working on assembly, all the parts are made and it is just a matter of put them together. I have been putting more time into tuning the coil and testing each unit. I have never vaped so much! The good news is that everything is moving smoothly, the bad news is everything is moving slower than I hoped. But everything is moving in the right direction and coil tuning is getting a bit easier.
There were a number of units that I made with wood trim and those have all been purchased so next batch I'll make some more. I have plans to make some units with engraving on the side with the porthole. Any suggestions for what should be on the unit? Marijuana leaf, nature scene, geometric shape or something else? The engraving has been something I've thought about for a while, hopefully next batch I can do one or two.
Any suggestions for what should be on the unit? Marijuana leaf, nature scene, geometric shape or something else? The engraving has been something I've thought about for a while, hopefully next batch I can do one or two.

I can't speak for everyone else but I usually like my units to be a little more on the discrete side and not have it known at first glance that it's a marijuana vaporizer. For me a marijuana leaf on the side of the unit would be a huge no no.
everyone I talked to agrees so the leaf is out. Any engraving would be custom and whatever the buyer wants.

Ya know...I was a thinkin'...as I am wont to do from time to time...and it a come acrossin' my mind that it would be mighty nice if engravin' on these here MVT's were to serve more than one purpose.

Specifically, I was thinking that those owners who have a conservation bent to their "life philosophy" (such as myself) could elect the option of having an engraving, e.g., a BRIEF quote from Throreau, or Muir, or whomever for say $25. Then, $10 of that fee would then be donated/forwarded by Dave to a not-for-profit conservation organization like, The Sierra Club or World Wildlife Fund, or some other well-reputed national conservation group.

What do you all think?

Dave? How about you?

If any of you need a little motivation on this idea then please google, EPA Director, Scott Pruitt.
If his environmental "philosophy" doesn't scare the bejezus out of you then I really don't know what will!

And don't forget, Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd!

I like it freddy, engraved quotes are kinda hard since the wood surface isn't perfectly flat and a variation of 4 thousandths of an inch can make some letters fade or get cut too deep, depending on if the wood rises or sinks at that point.
Engraved pics or sketches of some sort might work, I've been thinking about that for a while now.
I have a friend who does some awesome art, maybe he can come up with some sketches.
I will definitely think about more, great idea with the donation part.
Muir woods was awesome when I visited some years back, can't imagine loosing some of our other great parks. Joshua state park was also fabulous.
Pruitt scares the shit outta me too.
Really it is up to us to fix this mess, hey @momofthegoons can we start a thread about this? I know it is off topic and not about vapor but seems worth the bandwidth.
probably what I just vaped too :smile: or just before that post.
I thought that a thread about the park system/epa reqs or anything current in that arena. Seems like there is a load of epa stuff coming at us. Would be good to have a place to keep up on it. Might be too much bandwidth, maybe I'll look at a forum off of mistvaporizer.com.
Five weeks in and the current batch is moving along. I have 26 units that need the heater installed and the bottom cover attached. So those could be done this coming week. Then it would be time to clean the shop and start the next batch. The list is at 72 and I'm actually making them faster than orders are coming in, but I haven't done any marketing - just the forums and word of mouth.
As I close out this batch I will evaluate the time and cost. I am thinking of making the switch an option, I never use mine but I don't take mine out. That would let me offer it for less for those with a budget crunch.
I have been working on a regulated version, well at least thinking about how I would do one. Maybe next month I'll have time to make a beta of that.
Also have some accessories in mind. One is a rack to hold all the extra stems and push sticks, dabbers and whatever else you have. I've done some stir tools, a wood rod a couple inches long with a stiff wire that you can use to stir or clean out a stem. Then there is the grinder. I did a grinder a while back but it never got any traction and needed some refinement. Getting ready to revisit that.
What I like about getting a new vape is that you get to get really stoned figuring out how to use it. 'Cause you can never be really sure if you're doing it right with just a single hit. You gotta give it second hit to find out. Then you say, yeah, this is alright, and give it another to congratulate yourself for figuring it out. And because you just got a new vape and it rocks.

:thumbsup::thumbsup: as Siskel and Ebert would say.

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