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Vape Arizer ArGo


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Attention all inmates:

I wanted to find an easy to use and maintain vaporizer for a 74 year old new vaporent. He hasn’t used any vapes before and hasn’t used any medical herbs for over 8 years. I did a lot of researching and my experiences with vapes to come to my conclusion.

I wanted something that was easy to load and unload. Something that requires very little cleaning and has a replaceable/rechargeable battery. Most importantly it actually vapes herb consistently and efficiently. So my three options off the top of my head were Arizer Air, the Mighty (even though no removable battery, it’s just easy to use) and a Flowermate V5 Nano. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Arizer website and reminded myself of the ArGo.

The ArGo is an ultra portable vape from the famous Arizer company in Canada. It boasts the same vapor quality of a Solo or Air in a small form factor. It shares the all glass vapor path feature of all previous Arizer portables and has added protection and concealment of 90% of the glass vapor tube. The unit is equipped with custom session settings, battery level indicator, Micro USB, precise digital temperature control (controller on the device) fast warm ups, rechargeable/replaceable 18650 battery, use while charging , hybrid heater technology and backed by Arizers 2 year warranty.



Sorry for the double post but Arizer still has the BOGO sale going. So I got myself an Air 1 for free with my father in-laws new ArGo.
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I’ve been on the hunt for a used, fairly good priced ArGo now for the last couple weeks. I may just be forced to buy new.
You might want to keep an eye on the Arizer site. They sometimes give away an Arizer Air when you buy another vape. If you have to buy new, you might as well get an Air free. After reading this, @Kurtdiggler has me convinced my happiness won't be complete until I have an Argo. Well, not complete exactly. After a serious No Buy, I've got quite a list of things to catch up on. Now Argo is on the list.


US Army Vet, Dad, Churner & Cannabis Lover
:ko: AVS is real Folks

I got a wonderful mail call, today ....

ArGo was a much-needed addition to my gear, will be perfect for microdosing around town.

TIp of the hat to @420edc ...Thank you so much for including this patch...This is beyond quality gear. We thank you for all your expertise and support. You have been a great resource for us. I salute you.

I will always support a veteran business before any other.


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So is the flavor better than the Air? I find the Air ( I have the first version) to be harsh for my weed. Not as flavorful as the Solo. I assume because of the short airpath.

it’s a cute vape.
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US Army Vet, Dad, Churner & Cannabis Lover
So is the flavor better than the Air? I find the Air ( I have the first version) to be harsh for my weed. Not as flavorful as the Solo. I assume because of the short airpath.
I prefer the path on the solo/air myself, I really dislike Arizer OEM stems , I find the above one the most cooling

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