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The Firewood 4 is a portable convection vape made of wood.

The 4th iteration features a removable 18650 battery, a separate (optional) cooling unit/top cap, and a capsule system for multiple sessions on the go.

The heater is on-demand. It senses your draw and turns the heater on.
It is still best used as a session vape, in my opinion.

It is available at http://www.firewoodvapes.com
Photo below: Firewood 3 in Maple (left) next to Firewood 4 in Walnut.

The Firewood 4 is 2" wide and 3.9" tall, weighing in at 3.6oz (with battery).

I wrote a review of the Firewood 4 shortly after its release: http://420vapezone.com/vaporizer-reviews/firewood-4-review/
Love this review! i´m a recent subscriber to your channel and i have to say I love it! Firewood 4 looks like a great vape to carry on the go and definitely a stealthier option than mi Mighty or VC!
Thank you!! Let me know if there's stuff you want to see!
For the FW4, I love packing capsules for different planned vape-times throughout the day and having everything prepared as a carry. I don't have the opportunity to do so very often, but it's incredibly satisfying.
I'm loving my firewood 4, and 5! I missed FW3, but FW2 was my first non-butane vape. I was wondering whether you could share the dimensions of the capsule holder? I had to get my FW4 used, and individual I purchased it from not include the holder- I am considering having one custom made.

Much Thanks!

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