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I thought I'd start a thread here, especially given that I've just gotten my hands on one of each of the new carb caps that the CCA folks have made.

For those who don't know, the CCA710 Liger nail is a titanium banger style nail. It also has inserts available variously made out of sapphire, quartz, silicone carbide and a new aerospace ceramic composite (the product is named the 'obsidian insert', but is not actually made of obsidian).

See www.cca710.com for a full list of products.

Anybody who has used sapphire/SiC in particular will know that these materials make for the tastiest vaporization currently available and alongside the d-nail Halos, this is one of two families of products available that allows the user to take advantage of these substances.

I will start here by giving my thoughts on the new Liger 3.1 carb cap redesigns here. There are 3 new caps:

The Storm Cell 3.1 cap:

This was the same as the storm cell 3.0 cap but directly addresses a major complaint that I raised with the original storm cell 3.0 cap - the adjustable airflow nuts frequently leaked vapor and the airflow settings that involved more than one open airflow hole also led to inefficient vaporization.

This means that the Storm Cell 3.1 is a really nice cap to use for the user who wants to relax when they dab. The cap stays put, even if you cough, shake, shudder etc. The single air intake hole is narrow enough and creates a satisfying vacuum seal between the bucket and cap, and provides significantly faster vaporization than the old caps with less vapor loss.

I was really quite brutal on CCA for the original 3.0 hurricane and storm cell caps, which had some problematic features. I'm glad to say that the new Storm Cell 3.1 cap has resolved this issue. A wonderful cap whose only downside is getting very hot and taking a while to cool down after use.

The Hurricane 3.1 cap:

This product is a revised Hurricane cap, which does away with the old design. The new look Hurricane cap has a half-sphere shaped cap (like half of a Pukinbeagle ball cap), it allows you to aim your airflow around the dish by moving the cap around as you inhale, this means that you can spread the oil around the dish.

The cap has only one air intake as well, and provides a similarly nice tight draw and quicker vaporization than the old cap. It is also much less large and unwieldy than the original hurricane cap. One caveat with this product is that you need to continually move this around while you have the cap on top of the liger bucket. If you do not, some users have had issues with the cap getting impossibly stuck in the bucket. If you want to leave the cap put for a moment on the bucket, make sure the handle is offset and not standing directly vertically (this is the position most prone to sticking in the bucket).

I will note that this is slightly harder to use than my boro bubble cap because I can't see where the vapor is aiming. Additionally, the air intake on the cap is offset and diagonal, so aim is somewhat difficult as airflow does not come in through the centre of the cap.

Still, this is a great cap for those who like to move the cap around during use and is far superior to the original hurricane IMO. I have enjoyed using this one, although I use the other more frequently.

The Tsunami Cap:

This one is a brand new cap for the 30mm flat coil liger only AFAIK. I think that the best way that I can describe it, is like a d-nail universal 2.0 carb cap for the liger.

It is super lightweight and minimal, has a single, tight angled air intake to create vortexing airflow in the bucket and is my favorite of the new Liger caps. It also sits more on top of the bucket (like the d-nail carb cap) than inside the bucket (like the storm cell).

The vacuum suction as you inhale with the cap on top of the bucket is great, as with the other new caps. This one also cools down much more quickly after use than the Storm Cell. It is an absolute pleasure to use this cap.

One more new finding I'm pleased to report is that I'm now about to use my HE flat dabber tool with my new liger caps!

I'll be back in the near future with my thoughts on other aspects of the liger nail system itself, but I'm sure plenty of you have your own experiences to offer as well :biggrin:
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