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Tips Torch vs WoodScents


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I'd like to hear descriptions of the difference some get when using torch vs using a WoodScents with a DV based stem.. With the torch I feel I get more of a smack in the face type hit when wanted. I've yet to reattached the bottom leather on my WS since it was dropped. Just trying to be sure I have the depth of the heater thingy set right in the tube.

After thinking a bit a better question, should the WS be able to match the out put of a torch heated DV. I say I think I'm pretty good with a torch however I've personally never been around another that even knows what a Dynavap is. Some I'd be completely scared to ask.

So I set about asking stuff in a disorderly fashion hoping to learn.

Yup, that makes sense .
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When it comes to a torch you can "overheat" & get a much heavier roast but I find when I have the WS dialled in properly & on mine that is anywhere from 12.9-13.1v I get consistent repeatable super rips with a dark roast.

I find the VC with a torch or IH to provide a different signature to the WS but both are rich & dense when done right.
Did your WS not come with one of these? While not as precise as the digital, it's really all you need.
If you want to be able to roast a WS load and kill it in one hit like butane, a VVPS is necessary, the standard LED dimmer does not go high enough for the results @Jeff is after...butane anything SUCKS, just too much fucking around for a heavy user.:twocents:
@LesPlenty, Thanks For that !

My friend whom I asked about this gave one qualification " unless your a heavy user I cant see where it would matter much " well I've just realized unbeknownst to me that I easily fit within what most would consider well above average vaper / user of herb.

I've run dumb most my life... never cared much or paid attention to what others are doing & how it might relate to me. Except for say sports I was involved in growing up. I'm stoned now & need to stop. I get carried way with my typing.

Anyways I've been rethinking some things, the WPS is inexpensive as far as some stuff in the Vaping Universe so I'm taking your advice Les. Out of all your posts I've read never seen you give bad advice on vaping stuff.

My next purchase will not be a new desktop but a WPS for WS & Dynavap Orion for my Simrell . Orion is a must have for me.

Just decided to upgrade what I have & already use regularly before getting a new desktop. I'm more than satisfied with what I have now thanks to the direction I've received since coming here.

I'm still learning new stuff regarding my WS I can leave my Simrell stem connected to my WS while I'll do rod work & sip it like a drink:headbang:.

Varying the draw speed is one, fluttering the carb, a long 15 sec. pull on a WS with a good stem done right will give the full spectrum of taste from the terps with the finish being in most cases very mellow. I'll start another thread regarding WS.
Mom, thanks for that. I was unaware. I do have the Apollo 2

I need to get off my butt & send it in for repair or open it up & see what I can do.
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I ordered a Flite, I love the quality of my Fluxers. I also ordered a Flix for my step son.

I'm interested in log vapes but I've never used one. Would a Flite with the side push button would be a similar experience? Inhale while heating? I'm sure there's lots of other differences, though. I ordered the cap as switch option so I won't be able to try it. Eventually I'll get a log. I love the wood choices.

Moses Baca, you bring a question I'm not completely sure of what the whole answer is. Hope someone who knows more will answer.​

However I do know using some IH units like a log would not work well because of how aggressively they heat.​

The Fluxor does allow you to play with the size of the coil which of course effects this. Something is telling me an IH will have a terrible time used as a log ?
It'd be cool if it would work I'm just not sure & dont know enough to give an educated answer. Guess the question in essence is can an IH be made to maintain or hold a set temp ? The pulse modulation has been around for a while. You can see its use in welding out of position or when aluminum is the material of choice. I can only imagine being able to play with this while vaping would do nothing but add to an already positive experience.

Moses Baca, your post & questions have certainly given me a new desire to try or pay more attention to what ever power supply I end up with​

There is part of the science behind vaping that has left me behind. Definitions get blurred. I've learned there is far more to it than just convection or conduction when it comes to delivering the heat needed for pleasant vape use. Now we have the IH units getting dialed in or giving more option to the discriminate end user.
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I personally don’t like using a torch. I always get it too toasty too much like smoking. I respect those that do though. I’ve never used the inductor. I bought the M and used the torch but liked using it with my Woodscents better. Each to their own.
The best thing about a WS for me over a torch or IH is the truly massive difference in airflow once you ditch the cap, plus you can heat soak the load with a WS for minutes until the second puff (if/when you veg out) :thumbsup:
While I've been using it almost daily I still find I'm learning new things regarding my WS. No way I'm now using a torch when home. They both can give different experience.

Push came to shove I'd toss all my torches to keep my WS. Wanna get there fast Torch.... Slow down, take the scenic route & have the most complete vaping experience that might, just possibly be the best while using a DV based stem. Kind of how I've come to see them in comparison
Wanna get there fast Torch
My WS and Dab station get switched on first thing each day and is the last things turned off for the day so my WS is also faster than a torch...:twocents:
I save the cap for mouth pulls when I feel like I want a cigar, then I use an IH, for out and about the torch is fast but you look like a crackhead using it, Vleaf Go would be better for that situation plus a couple of other more expensive options now.

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