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  1. sballo

    Grow clip fans for the grow tent

    I have two clip fans (with usb cable) in my grow tent which I think are quite ok but there is a problem, they automatically turn off -though they are constantly plugged in - after a while which means that I need to switch them manually back on.:disgust: Any idea why?
  2. momofthegoons

    Grow Grafting

    The thought of growing several strains on one plant is intriguing.... what do you think @LesPlenty ? Would you try this? How To Graft Cannabis And Grow Multiple Strains On 1 Plant Grafting is a powerful gardening technique that allows you to grow multiple cannabis strains from a single mother...
  3. Shredder

    Grow Shredderville

  4. psychonaut

    Grow Something completely different

    Time for a change. Who likes change? I like change. This grow round I am changing many things for the sake of simplicity, preventing lockouts, reducing mids and more uniform buds. Still using a 4x4' tent. I have a 5.5x5.5' that I'd rather use but I would need a 3rd light and frankly don't...
  5. psychonaut

    Grow Skunk 1 Auto by Seedsman

    I am a long time skunk fan, all of the varieties and direct descendants I find to be magical medicine. I decided to try out Skunk #1 auto by seedsman before I ventured into their regular seeds. Skunk #1 auto by Seedsman (Skunk #1 x Lowryder #2) Here are some pictures of the grow and harvest...
  6. psychonaut

    Grow Growth timeline

    This handy chart came from canna website. a. This period varies depending on the species and number of plants per m2. Mother plants remain in this phase until the end (6 – 12 months). b. The changeover from 18 to 12 hours varies depending on the variety. The rule of thumb is to change...
  7. D

    Grow new to grow

    hey guys 1st time growing here....so I have done a lot of reading and honestly I get more confused as I go but the problem at hand is I have had some seeds germintating a couple I put directly into a seed starter kit the seed went directly into the plug I also have a couple that I soaked for 24...
  8. pxl_jockey

    Grow Grow Problems

    This is the place for random problems that might pop up during the growing process, especially when you have an issue that doesn’t fall neatly into an existing category. And I just happen to have a dilemma to kick it off: I’m about to start flushing my last two so getting close and I went out...
  9. Madri-Gal

    Grow My SoSo Autogrow

    So I heard about Autogrow, and thought, "I can do that!". I heard they didn't get very big and thought, "Hey, I can grow pitiful undersized plants!" I heard they didn't yield much and thought, "I can get very little bud from a plant!" That was a lot of thinking and I hate to waste that kind...
  10. C

    Grow Germination of ancient bagseed - an experimental thread

    With Mom’s encouragement, I’m putting this up as its own thread, in hopes it may be of use to others. THE STORY SO FAR: like a lot of folks, I have saved bagseed from different batches of weed over the years, from the early 80s until sometime in the 90s. Yes, that makes them 30-40 years old...
  11. Kurtdigglur

    Grow Grow 2 Automatic

    Hi VA, I am currently germinating my Auto flower seeds. They are OG kush, Nirvana seeds. They will be going straight into 5 gallon smart pots. I’m planning on doing two plants this way. The soil I’m I using is Fox Farm Oceans mixed with living soil and Fox Farm happy frog at the top of for...
  12. NizzyJones

    Grow LA Zkittles 2x2 135W LED Deep Water Culture

    Here we are, about seven weeks from seed. These are some L.A. Zkittles from Bred By 42 [L.A. Kush x Zkittles], they were started in solo cup hempy buckets then transferred to ~1 qt. hempy buckets, topped and LSTed, until mid week six when I transferred them to the DWC (largest plant (#1) has...
  13. psychonaut

    Grow Making do with what I have pt 1

    Thanks for the admin's making this sub forum. Not sure how good I'll be at updates, but figured I'd start a thread up. I'm a registered CO MMJ patient exercising my constitutional right to grow my own medicine. Because CO law prohibits growing outdoors (not that we have any respectable...

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