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Grow Grow 2 Automatic


Gardening Grampa
Hi VA,
I am currently germinating my Auto flower seeds. They are OG kush, Nirvana seeds.

They will be going straight into 5 gallon smart pots. I’m planning on doing two plants this way. The soil I’m I using is Fox Farm Oceans mixed with living soil and Fox Farm happy frog at the top of for the seedlings to start. I wanted to try an auto flower this time to see if I’d prefer the auto or photo plants.
Well I’m a happy father of three lovely ladies today 4-20-2019! They popped out the soil last night. I went ahead and planted three in 5 gallon pots. I only had enough living soul for two. This will be a nice little experiment, for science of course... I’m considering moving one outside but I don’t know how to do that just yet.
Day Four, 3 for 3 on germination success. I labels each plant to determine living and non living soil. I had to pull the seed shell off of one and it looks like it was preventing growth. I’ll keep a close eye on the mutation. Too bad it was a living soil one too.

This one is the non living soil baby.

The one below is the mutated one.
Hi guys,
Sorry I haven’t updated this post in a while. Didn’t mean to keep the suspense up. Haha I was able to lower my tolerance while still consuming. With a lot of reading and a vapcap, didn’t realize how necessary a dynastash is until I started using my 420 purchase. Here is a couple pictures of my girls three weeks old. Haven’t been PH’ing the water or anything. They seem to be doing fine.

Here’s a few pics at a month old. I really have been just watering them here and there. My wife is probably wondering if they’re dead considering I’m spending less time looking at them this round. They seem to be happy.

The runt:


The Chemical girl:



Oops, I didn’t get a pic of my other girl who is pretty close to size as the one just above.

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